‘My Study-Group’ by LLB student Nathan

Nathan O’Reilly, a first year LLB student, describes his experience of starting up an email study group:

Email image“At the beginning of my intermediate studies I was in desperate need of a study group that would help me stay on track with what was required by UOL. Skype groups did not work for me simply because they were time-consuming as well as difficult to arrange due to the differing time zones of all the students. I therefore started up my own email based study group which was open to all the intermediate law students. The main method of communication, email, allowed students to actively take part in their own time and we soon had over 50 students involved. The aim of the group was to set a weekly question for each intermediate subject which was to be answered by the following week. The ‘marking system’ was purely peer review and we each wrote reports and ‘graded’ each others attempts.

In 2012 the size of the group has shrunk significantly and we now have a group of 20 which is more manageable to say the least! Our aims are still the same however, we now submit only one essay per week for only one subject. We will also reserve time for discussions on the CLRI research essay and closer to exam time we will go over past exam papers. So far the group seems to be working well and hopefully it proves useful especially considering that exams are around the corner.

My only suggestion would be for a ‘study schedule’ to be put in place by UOL which would allow students/study groups to chart progress however, I do understand that there is an emphasis on flexible learning! Otherwise, I would have to thank UOL for providing platforms such as the discussion forums that allow us to form study groups and interact with other students!”

by Nathan O’Reilly
(Johannesburg, South Africa, Scheme A LLB 1st year)


  1. Nathan, the study group is working well. Although I cannot participate as much as I would like due to my work schedule and commitments, thank you very much for creating the group. Have a wonderful day, Inger.

    1. Inger, sorry for the late acknowledgement I wasn’t notified on comments regarding the article. I would like to thank you for your contributions made while you were a member of the 2011/12 study group – much appreciated! Wishing you the best for the upcoming academic year. Stay in touch. Nathan

  2. The idea of a study group will work for me. I have just registerd with the UOL and am not even sure where to start really. Pehaps you can kind of put me on the road seing that you have completed a year of study.
    I need a fewer pointer is to wherther, these study materials are sufficiant or what to do.

    1. Hi Victor. Sorry for my late reply! Although study groups are beneficial it all comes down to hard work and a good relationship with your course materials! It’s definitely natural to feel overwhelmed at the start but as you progress you’ll start to feel a lot more confident in your abilities and the work your’re doing. I thoroughly enjoyed my 1st year subjects and definitely miss the days where Trusts and Land weren’t the cause of confusion and stress! Please feel free to email at no14@student.london.ac.uk

      All the best!


  3. Nathan, I find your initiative very useful. Like Victor, I too have just registered as a first year and I really want to have a study group like yours. I can see already that Victor and I have similar aims. Perhaps we need someone to help us kick start and Nathan you can assist us in this.

    1. Hi David, very sorry for this late reply! I’m glad to hear you’re interested in forming a study group – why not create your own with Victor considering you’re both in similar positions with regards to your studies. Please feel free to email me at no14@student.london.ac.uk I’ll be more than happy to assist in anyway I can. All the very best for the year ahead, hoping you’re studies have taken form! Nathan.

  4. Great idea Nathan. Is the group still recruiting interested students? How does one become a member?

    1. Hi Benjamin, sorry for the late reply and thanks for your comment. At this stage we haven’t started the study group up for Year 2 although we may in the near future. As I mentioned to David above, if you’re in your first year, why not start up your own group where you can choose how to operate and what you expect from your group that suits your needs/schedules etc. Please feel free to contract me as well at no14@student.london.ac.uk – all the best in your studies! Nathan

  5. Hi, I too am interested in joining a study group.. Have any of you guys started one?? please let me know if u have.

  6. Hi, Everyone:

    I am also interested in joining a study group. I am located in Washington, DC, USA and I need to liaise with other LLB student. I am a first year student. Thanks Nathan for this initiative.

  7. Nathan – Thanks. I have just registered for the first year LLB. I am based in London – is there anyone who is London based…ideally West London?

  8. Hi Nathan I would love to join your study group it sounds promising and actually I was really looking for something like and was starting to think that something like this didn’t exist.

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