Public Law Newsletter – December 2012

The latest edition of the Public Law newsletter is now available to students on the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Topics covered in the December 2012 newsletter include:

Article 11 ECHR: Freedom of peaceful assembly and association – ‘The right of peaceful assembly and association includes the right to belong to a trade union…or political party.’

The right to vote‘The Government has now responded to the requirement that it comply with recent rulings of the European Court of Human Rights concerning the ban on prisoners voting.’

Freedom of the Press – the Leveson Inquiry  – ‘The key issue from a constitutional point of view is how the freedom of the press can be maintained while at the same time protecting the rights of individuals whose lives or reputations may be harmed by the press.’

Ministerial responsibility – ‘The constitutional convention of ministerial responsibility entails two aspects: collective Cabinet responsibility and individual responsibility.’ 

State Security‘A Joint Committee of both Houses of Parliament has recently concluded its consideration of the Draft Enhanced Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Bill and published its Report.’

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