New Looks and eBooks

Students using the VLE and the audio presentations will have noticed lots of forum posts from myself as we’ve made changes to the content. At the induction day in October, the first question I was asked was when would content work on mobile phones, and post the VLE upgrade in November, all of the audio presentations should work on tablets and mobile phones.


How to access the new options
Reading the slides as an eBook

Since these changes have been implemented we’ve taken on board a lot of feedback from students and I’m always grateful for feedback or questions; it really does help us improve the materials and also help you and your fellow students. After the first announcement some people had problems with iPhones on the mobile player, but we have made a new player for iPods and iPhones. Users logging onto the VLE via mobile Apple devices also experienced problems with the main content, so we’ve made a new version for them as well.

Printable versions of the slides

As well as solving these problems, we’ve just uploaded some new materials; following requests for printable versions, you can now print out the text on the slides so you can make notes on them. We’ve also made the slides downloadable as an eBook file. So if you want to listen to the audio and read the slides in that way (which you might prefer) then that is possible as well.

We hope you find these new changes useful, please let us know any feedback on them and thanks again for your feedback so far.




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