Criminal Law Revision Session

As part of the Regional Revision Courses we had planned to offer a Criminal Law revision course in Bangladesh. However, due to a general strike the course could not go ahead and instead we took the chance to offer a live session on 3rd of May. Clare de Than, who many of you will have heard via our Study Support Weekend course recordings

As the session was timed so as to be most useful to Bangladeshi students the course was intended for, it ran early in the day and so other students may have not had the chance to partake live. Due to this we recorded the session and it is now available via the VLE.

We’re grateful for any feedback you have on this session. Thanks to all who attended and it was great to see students helping each other out as well.

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  1. Dear Mr Lockley,

    Could you kindly confirm if Blackstone’s EU Treaties & Legislation 2013-2013 by Nigel Foster is permitted to be taken into the EU law exam on 10 May 2013?

    The notice I received listing the permitted exam materials refers to Blackstone’s EC Legislation. I believe that the name of this series was changed in 2010.

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,


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