Bangladesh Examinations

If there is a hartal on a day when a UoL examination is scheduled to take place the examination will be rescheduled to take place as soon as is practicable after the original time/date. Rescheduling will depend on the duration of the hartal and the availability of examination centres. The British Council in Dhaka will provide updates at


  1. This is not appropriate, we being external students in Pakistan also should be given the same privilege as the Bengali’s. Our political situation is far worst and all the UoL board did was print a disclaimer for no liability for death or personal injury on our statements of entry. (UCTA)
    This is biased and discriminatory and goes against everything we are being taught.

    1. If by ‘leverage’ you mean would we treat candidates in Pakistan in the same way as candidates in Bangladesh (or anywhere else) the answer is, of course, that we would. I am not at all clear what you are actually seeking. Are you asking that the exams be cancelled in Pakistan and be rescheduled for a future date when the threat of bombings cease?

  2. The situation in Bangladesh is that if there is a hartal the examination centres will be closed and thus students will not be able to sit examinations scheduled for that day. The only solution is to reschedule examinations.

    1. what if there is a strike (hartal) in Karachi would we be given the same leverage.
      as our exams are scheduled in Sheraton, what about all the bomb threats? Is that reason not good enough!

  3. This is in no way discriminatory as in Pakistan bombing and strike situations are of a regular practice for last few years so even if UOL wishes to reschedule the exam dates may not in any way able to guarantee that even a worse situation wouldn’t arise on that changed schedule and such worse situations are taking place without a prior declaration. So I think rescheduling of a exam day doesnt seem to be a better option in Pakistan.

    Infact in Bangladesh strike is more of a declared situation UOL may accordingly reschedule the dates.

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