Exam bloomers

A child asks his mother for a chocolate bar.  The mother tells him that he can have the chocolate if he answers a question correctly.  “Name the two days of the week beginning with the letter T” says the mother.  The child smiles “That’s easy – today and tomorrow”.  Not what you expected?   Well we don’t always get what we expect as one LLB exam candidate discovered to her alarm yesterday afternoon.

The start of this year’s examination season got off to a rocky start for a student in the USA as she sat (or attempted to sit) the Succession paper.  She was given the question paper at 2.30pm local time time and permitted to read it – no surprises so far – for as you’re doubtless aware, the examination instructions clearly state that  ‘Candidates… have fifteen minutes during which they may read the paper and make rough notes ONLY in their answer books’.  Imagine then, the shock the ill-fated candidate suffered when at 2.45pm the invigilator took away the exam question paper.  The candidate rightly protested.  But her appeals to the literal minded invigilator were in vain.  “Tell me” said the exacting official “where it explicitly states that you may keep the question paper after the fifteen minutes reading time is up”.  The answer of course is that it does not.  Why not?  Because we didn’t mean that and we never suspected anyone would read it that way.   Thankfully this is the only exam bloomer reported this session so far but then it was only Day One!  There’s always today and tomorrow.


  1. So, is this story going to have a favorable end? Will my fellow USA resident have a subsequent opportunity to sit for the examination? Please, I need to know!! I need closure!! 🙂

  2. Yes – the candidate has been offered the opportunity to sit for the examination under ‘usual’ circumstances.

  3. Id have a heart attack if that happened to me! But i wonder why did the official did this strange thing in the first place :S!

  4. OMG! Some people are unbelievable. I’m happy to hear that the candidate was given an opportunity to sit the exam.

  5. Ouchhhhhh that examiner had a wry sense of humor…hope it did not impact negatively on the student

  6. I believe that as a law student this student should have been able to argue their way out of this absurd
    situation. something similar happened to me in May, the invigilator took my statute book away protesting the year of its publication and difference in cover color !!! I had to explain to him if anything there is less information than the current version so it wouldn’t afford me an unfair advantage…. Oh Brother!!!

  7. my goodness that was strict,smart and terrible !!!! any way she still had her chance..I wonder the kind of law I would have invoked if it happened to me…..hmm!!!

  8. I almost had a heart failure after reading that. Fortunately, my horror was abated by the comments that followed. I am a little over a month away from sitting my exams in the USA. I would be mortified if that were to happen to me.

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