Scholar continues to impress

Daniel and Simon Askey in Uganda last year

Three years ago the Undergraduate Laws Programme implemented a small series of LLB scholarships in Tanzania and Uganda to provide opportunities for budding lawyers who may not have otherwise had access to a prestigious legal degree.

Ugandan scholar Daniel Adyera, who has just sat his Year 2 exams and is awaiting his results, has been extremely successful so far in his studies and has made great strides into his chosen profession. Daniel has recently been accepted onto a clerkship at The Chief Magistrates Court Nakawa, Uganda, where he is gaining some practical experience to supplement his studies.

Hoping to gain a clear understanding of the internal and external application of laws in Uganda, Daniel explains why he applied for this work experience:

This clerkship is vital for me as a prospective legal practitioner in the country. This will help me to understand most of the Court processes and undertakings, since I can hardly learn these simply by reading textbooks.

The challenge that seemed insurmountable at first was understanding Civil and Criminal Procedure rules of the High Court and the Magistrates Courts of Uganda as I am yet to take Civil and Criminal Procedure with the University of London (Daniel hopes to take this in his third year).

I have so far spent three weeks at the Court and intend to continue for as long as my services are deemed worthy and useful.

Asked what he hopes to do once he graduates, Daniel said:

I have hence realised that with my studies, I not only became the captain and master of my future but also won respect and recognition from various members of the society who acknowledge my daily work and studies.

I love peace and justice in the world. My heart bleeds when I see and read about abuse of human rights. For that, I intend to partner with international bodies that fight for restoration and protection of the human dignity and peace. I hope to work with women and children most when I graduate, for they are the most vulnerable to abuse and grievous atrocities in the world.

We admire Daniel for his passion for law and hope he makes the most of this opportunity. As he says, becoming a lawyer takes more than simply reading books – and the same can be said for whatever profession you chose to undertake! Whether you are wishing to practise law in the future or not, practical experience is often viewed highly by prospective employers.



  1. Dear Daniel,

    I wish you every success in all your endeavours. I am a continuing first year student in the undergraduate LLB laws international programme. Like yourself I have a passion for the human rights aspect of law as I grew up in an under developed commonwealth country where there has been many issues of the abuse of human rights. I hope to work in this area of law when I have completed my sudies. Thus far I have enjoyed my learning but have had to make some adjustments. All the best in your studies and work! Congratulations!

  2. Dear Lisa,
    Am delighted you are equally passionate about human rights and I believe we shall create positive impact in our communities. As I write, am not only happy but also over joyed, with the fact that I have completed my LLB. I wrote my last exam on 12th June 2014 and surprising enough, it was International Protection of Human rights. I believe we can create a difference in this world, a world where peace, love and respect for individual rights flourish.

    Since you are still undertaking your LLB, I can only share a few of my experience summarily below to help you where necessary to successfully complete your course. As an independent student, I;
    1. Developed a time table I strictly followed not matter what (There was a challenge I had to overcome, that is, the tendency to give priority to seemingly easier subjects than the seemingly daunting subjects). (This is a common challenge!)
    2. Read the SG and textbooks while carefully making my own notes
    3. Researched for additional materials in the VLE
    4. Took time to readat the materials in the study packs.
    5. Never took any chapter for granted/I read almost everything (For confidence building in preps for exams)
    6. Never stopped reading just because I was tired but because I had ready everything I set my mind to. (Nothing is ever enough!)
    7. Constantly prayed for wisdom, knowledge, guidance and strength to persevere! (Fortunately you know why!)
    I believe you can make it just like me or anyone else who has, it only takes taking few careful and calculated steps each and everyday.
    I will be glad to help wheresoever need arises.
    I shall share my contacts upon request!
    Thank you and all the best!

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