Director’s Commentary

As Director I have had a very busy few months.

In June I was delighted to attend both an open day and an alumni event in Toronto, Canada. We have always had a small but very enthusiastic cohort of students in Canada and it was a real joy to meet with them (left). I met one particular graduate who, having completed his degree recently, is about to start the new Osgoode Hall Law School LLM programme in Canadian Common Law.  Osgoode Hall Law School state that this programme has been specifically designed to provide internationally trained lawyers and law graduates with foundational training in Canadian common law and where ‘[t]he core courses are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada’s National Committee on Accreditation (NCA).’ (please see their website for further information.)  We wish this graduate well in his new studies.

During the same trip I also attended the convocation event in Trinidad to congratulate and celebrate the success of our recent graduates. Trinidad remains a significant market for our programme and undoubtedly this is due in large part to the quality of the support provided by our recognised local institutions in Trinidad.

In Guyana, growth in our LLB programme is increasing, largely thanks to the round of promotional activities organised recently by Nations University which itself has commenced the process for becoming a recognised teaching institution. During my recent visit it was a pleasure to meet staff and prospective students of our programme and I look forward to the opportunity of meeting them again during a future visit.

In July I enjoyed participating in Open days in Hong Kong organised by SPACE and SPEED (both Affiliate institutions) as well as in Sri Lanka organised by RIC (Affiliate) and CFPS (Registered centre). During my visit to Colombo I observed presentations from students of Crescendo International College, Malaysia, who were on a summer transfer programme funded through a Global Network Development Grant awarded by the University of London International Programmes. Students from Horizon Campus in Sri Lanka made a similar visit to Malaysia later in the summer. I also met with members of the Bar Association to discuss general issues including admission to the legal profession in Sri Lanka.

Vladivostok main square

A visit to the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in Vladivostok encompassed discussions with the Vice-President and Director, and Vice-Director of the School of Law as well as other leading figures; the result of which is that FEFU is considering beginning to support students on our programme in 2014.  FEFU has a strong focus on internationalisation and wants to significantly increase its numbers of foreign students.

Similarly, Villa College in the Maldives has confirmed its interest in supporting students on our programme.  It too hopes to commence offering this support in 2014. This will be the first local institution to offer support to our students in the Maldives.

Another institution hoping to commence offering our programme this year is Atma Jaya Catholic University, Jakarta. Atma Jaya, a private University in Indonesia of high standing, has already commenced the Recognition process and is in the process of recruiting students to the programme.

The fact that such good Institutions want to support students on our programme is a continuing testament to the reputation of the University of London International Programmes Undergraduate Laws Programme.

Jenny Hamilton

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