London goes local: bringing lectures to you

The Laws Programme would like to thank all students who attended the 2014 Regional Revision courses. Your attendance and participation helped to make them such a great success.

We appreciate the challenges that many of our students face in studying the programme at a distance and we hope that you found the lectures and interaction with tutors beneficial. We can only continue to run these sessions if there is sufficient demand, so we are grateful so many of you came.

Professor Wayne Morrison's CLRI lecture in Bangladesh
Professor Wayne Morrison’s CLRI lecture in Bangladesh


One Malaysian student said:

The revision sessions were extremely helpful as I near my first year exams. The dedication of the lecturers was amazing and they gave me some really helpful advice on how to improve my exam technique!

Dr Ying Khai Liew teaching at the Malaysia Regional Revision course
Dr Ying Khai Liew teaching at the Malaysia Regional Revision course

Regional Revision courses took place in Bangladesh, Ghana and Malaysia between February and April, all of which were well attended.

A Ghanian Student attending the courses said

The group discussion and the question and answer sessions were really useful. I feel I have
increased my knowledge so I can answer exam questions better and have been provided with
practical strategies to apply to essay questions. The sessions have significantly boosted my
confidence! (Land Law student, Ghana)


Professor Adam Gearey's CLRI lecture in Ghana
Professor Adam Gearey’s CLRI lecture in Ghana

Dates for the 2014-15 London Study Support sessions and Regional Revision courses will be made available to students shortly.

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  1. I wish to take this opportunity to say a big thanks to all my lecturers at Empire African Institute for their tireless effort in guiding me and other mates through a successful completion of our first year exam on the LLB programme. Its one thing acquiring knowledge on a subject matter and another on reproducing your thought in writing. The most difficult I think is the second half which requires constant practice.
    Also a big ups to the lecturers who came down from London to abreast us on the format for the exam which boost our confidence. I feel am getting close to achieving my dream of becoming a Lawyer in addition to my current profession as an Economist and Financial Analyst.

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