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Visit to Pakistan

Dinner with Institutions
Dinner with representatives from teaching institutions

Nine years have passed since an academic from the Laws Programme last visited
Pakistan but in February this year I made the long overdue trip to one of the Laws
Programme’s biggest markets.

It was not only a pleasure to visit the country but to also visit the premises of a number of our teaching institutions in Islamabad. It is always important to see what happens ‘on the ground’ and to meet with many of the people (staff and students) who help to
facilitate this excellent programme.

Although I was unable to visit other cities on this occasion, academics and management from many of our institutions from across Pakistan travelled to Islamabad for an informal dinner. I look forward  hopefully to returning to Pakistan in the near future and to see those institutions I have yet to visit.

Launch event in the Maldives

The Undergraduate Laws Programme has been supporting Villa College in the process of becoming recognised as a Registered Centre under the Teaching Institutions Recognition Framework (TIRF). From September 2014 Villa College will provide tuition support for the LLB and the Diploma in the Common Law and we look forward to working closely with them. On 26 February I attended a very successful launch event for the offering of the Laws Programme at Villa College and met with a number of prospective students. For more information on Villa College, please see their website.

Local Convocation Ceremonies

PolyU Speed Graduation
PolyU Speed Graduation

In January, I attended the HKU Space and PolyU Speed (both Hong Kong) convocation ceremonies alongside Simon Askey, Deputy Director of the
Undergraduate Laws Programme.

We also attended the Royal Institute Colombo convocation ceremony – a long standing and very
successful event on the International programmes calendar, and I also attended the CfPS (also Sri Lanka) convocation ceremonies in February.

These are always celebratory events and you can read more about each ceremony in London
Connection by clicking on the links above.

Land Law to Property Law

From the 2014-15 academic year, the compulsory finals course formerly known as Land Law will be called Property Law. This is simply a name change; the structure of the course will remain the same.

Professor Jenny Hamilton

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