African convocations

Peter Ouko, an inmate at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, Kenya, will be presented with his
Diploma in the Common Law by Professor Jenny Hamilton, Director of the Undergraduate Laws Programme.

Guest of honour Justice Richard Mwongo, will represent the Chief Justice at the small and rather unusual convocation ceremony.

peter ouko
Peter Ouko at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison. (Picture: British Council)

As well as presenting Peter with his Diploma, Professor Hamilton will also welcome
nine other students – including one of the prison officers at Kamiti – on to the Diploma programme, all of whom recently sat their first exams in June.

Having successfully graduated, Peter is now continuing his studies towards a University of London LLB.

Professor Hamilton said: “The University of London International Programmes is unique in offering its programmes in African prisons. With support from the African Prisons Project, as well as the
facilitative approach of the Kenyan prison authorities, we have been able to provide access to
learning opportunities in the field of Law to both prison staff and inmates of Kamiti prison.

Despite the difficult circumstances and lack of resources, these students have demonstrated
tremendous determination. And while prisoners are aware of their limitations to practise, they are nevertheless confident that they have a useful role to play in supporting civil society.”

To read more on this special event, click here.

Another small convocation ceremony will take place in Luzira Maximum Security Prison, Uganda, next week. Three inmates and one former inmate will also be presented with their Diploma in the Common Law by Professor Jenny Hamilton.

The African Prisons Project has also written a feature on one of the students receiving their Diploma in the Common Law.

The student firmly believes that his studies with the University of London transformed his life. “I look at this opportunity to study law as something that has helped change my thinking. I can now critically analyse legal issues.”

Read the article in full: “I would read in the toilet at night because lights were turned off as part of prison regulations.”


  1. Thanks so much to UOL for the marvelous support throughout my studies.
    Professor Jenny Hamilton, Director- UOLIP, Deputy Director Mr. Simon Askey, Hellen Mackay, Pat Lockley, Michael Davis, Patricia Tutt and the entire team at UOLIP , thanks so much for making it possible for me to achieve the first part of my dream.
    The event went down real well and I am sure the full bulletin will be published in due course. To my colleagues graduating in Uganda and worldwide….Congratulations and keep hope alive.

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