Professor Hamilton leaving the Laws Programme

At the end of this year I will have been with the programme for 5 years. It has been a hugely rewarding experience, and certainly never dull! I have had some wonderful (and entertaining) experiences on the programme, had the benefit of working with first class colleagues (both in the University of London and also in local institutions) and met some inspirational students and graduates. However, I feel it is now time to pursue other challenges and I have therefore decided to leave the Programme.

Although I will not formally leave until April I will be taking leave from January. The Programme remains in very strong hands with Simon Askey (currently the Deputy Director) at the helm in the interim.

We have worked together to develop, refresh and modernise the programme. There is virtually no aspect of the programme that has not been reviewed, revised and strengthened over the past 5 years. Some of the notable developments include:

  • The revalidation in 2012 of the law degree as a ‘qualifying law degree’ for a further 5 years
  • The introduction of revised regulations to introduce more flexible schemes and routes into the LLB as well as new progression rules
  • Expanding access to weekend course materials and redevelopment of the VLE
  • The implementation of Regional Revision courses
  • Organising in-country University of London convocations (including our first ever prisons convocations)
  • Developing additional resources for students and institutions including the MOOC and the Skills Bridging Course
  • The launching of our various social media pages

Keeping the programme up-to-date and relevant for students in diverse markets remains a key objective for the programme.

I have been impressed with the work of various institutions not just in their commitment to supporting students but also in providing students with additional opportunities and experiences including internships, mooting opportunities, local advice centre experiences, working with disadvantaged groups, publication opportunities, all of which keep the undergraduate laws programme vibrant and at the forefront of local provision.

Visit to Pakistan: Jenny with representatives from some of ULP’s teaching institutions
Visit to Pakistan: Jenny with representatives from some of ULP’s teaching institutions

But if truth be told my greatest pleasure has always been to meet students or graduates, whether through visits to institutions or through University (or local institution) graduations. I have been hugely impressed with the quality of the students I meet and with their commitment to their studies, especially those who study under difficult and challenging circumstances.

Prison Moot
Prisoners running a Moot in Kenya

The University of London International Programmes has always put ‘access’ at the forefront of its mission, and I will really miss not having the opportunity to meet with you and share your achievements. I have some great memories of these events.

It is therefore fitting that one of my final duties as Director will be to attend the annual HKU Space and PolyU Speed convocation ceremonies in Hong Kong, in early January. I very much look forward to celebrating with those you of attending those respective events.

PolyU SPEED convocation ceremony 2014

I hope to be able to keep in touch, and I will continue to promote the programme (in an unofficial capacity) wherever and whenever I can, and I wish you and the International Programmes all the very best!

Professor Jenny Hamilton


  1. All the best for you, Professor, its had been four year when i decided to enroll ‘UOL External Programme’
    its an astonishing programme, i still remember when i received my booklet and a words from you when i was in intermediate level.

    and until now i still in intermediate level, as i hope i pass my resit exam, and prove to all people that i can grasp my LLB.
    Thank You Professor, for the new regulation which i hope i can utilised it.
    UOL had give me room to further my study.

  2. Professor Hamilton,
    All the best!
    It is a pity that I started the programme too late after my retirement, but it will be never too late in studying, especially with the programme device and your guidance personally coming from London!
    I am still struggling with other modules and I am happy in legal study!

    Kind regards,


  3. Prof.,
    On behalf of all students in GHANA and Nigeria we are grateful for extending the Regional Revision yearly which has tremendously increased pass rates which use not to be so. Good luck as you move on.

    1. Prof.,
      I think we in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Ghana, Pakistan are your favourites and we are pampered. Truly your world was not around Europe but to Asia and Africa.

  4. Thank you and your team for your time, effort and words of encouragement in your visit to the Seychelles’s Unisey. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

  5. Proffessor Jane,
    Am greatly touched of your leaving the Law falcuty. you knew how to encourage student who dared to embark on the course. you were agood advisor, you could incite students who were ready to drop the subject not to do so. you could advise the student to maintain the high ambitions in the Law, you were innovative to supply us viedio lessons, You never disregarded the students of their age, Your motto was to lead people to their success in their ambitions.
    We wil be missing you alot for the above tasks you dared.
    please never leave us alone. we will be happy to see you in person during our respective graduation should The Almighty God allows.
    Lamenting for you
    Albert Mayani Ngwira.

  6. Hello Professor,
    Thanks for taking your time to direct the administrative duties of the Laws Programmes.
    Cheers to the winning team.

    E OW.

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