Nigel’s Regional Revision Experience

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Nigel Tabrett is a second year LLB student who attended the University of London Regional Revision Event in March 2019. Nigel travelled from Aberdeen, Scotland to attend the event in Senate House, London.  He went to the module days for Contract Law and Criminal Law, which he took and passed in the May examination session.

Nigel very much enjoyed his experience and says ‘I would recommend the London courses to anyone studying for a University of London LLB. It helped me to focus on and understand important elements of the modules’. In particular, he says he has benefited specifically through the following:

  • The pre-course reading requirements and associated activities were very beneficial as these broadened my understanding on the subjects into new areas of discussion and conceptual thought.
  • The social benefit of meeting lecturers and students was useful for engendering a sense of ‘collective purpose’ and attendance was a good illustration of the level of serious commitment shown by many especially from those who travelled from afar.
  • The engagement in practical exercises with other students, and the subsequent analysis that emerged within the class discussion, was particularly interesting for the expressions and logical analyses applied by others.
  • The practical benefit of attending the lectures provided a good overview of the course material and the particular areas of discussion important to the lecturers. It also offered invaluable guidance on the structure of examination answers.
  • My courses were scheduled to finish before the evening drinks reception and Senate House tour so I missed these unfortunately but I hope to have this on my next visit this November. 

If you, like Nigel, would like to attend a face to face learning event, booking is now open for the London Study Support Event taking place in November 2019. The event will primarily focus on the content in the first half of each module guide for the available modules. Each day will include an overview of key module topics, learning activities and an understanding of how to plan your studies over the academic year. Full details are available on the VLE.

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