Malaysian law students win international moot competition

Congratulations to Alwyn Anthony Rajasurya, Chai Phing Zhou and Mah Sue Ann, all University of London LLB students and graduates from Malaysia, who won the 6th LawAsia International Moot competition. The international moot (mock trial) competition was run by LAWASIA, an Asia Pacific legal association, with the aim of helping students develop skills they would use in the courtroom. The competition was held in October in Seoul, South Korea and run in conjunction with the 24th LawAsia conference. The students all studied at Advance Tertiary College (ATC) Malaysia and beat the Singapore Management University (SMU) in a closely contested and exciting final. Alwyn was declared the best mooter in the competition. They report that they beat many teams from Universities around the world along the way. Among them were Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, Hidayatullah National University of Law, India, City University of Hong Kong and Konkuk University, Korea.

This year’s  Moot Problem involved a large shipment of bananas which ripened during the ocean voyage reducing the value of the bananas. The parties disagreed over which law governed the contract and which of them should bear the financial loss. While they were arguing over who was responsible, the bananas rotted and had to be destroyed.   They had agreed to arbitrate all disputes arising from their contract but not necessarily where they would arbitrate or under what rules.


  1. If you are interesting in finding out more about mooting then take a look at MootingNet. This site which includes information on running a mooting competition, tips for mooting officers, example mooting problems and tips on writing them, and useful sheets for mooters and organisers.

  2. Congratulations to Alwyn Anthony Rajasurya, Chai Phing Zhou and Mah Sue Ann. A sign of great things to come?

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