Laws Academics visit International Law Institute in Kampala

In Kampala Professor Jenny Hamilton and Patricia McKellar visited the International Law Institute African Centre for Legal Excellence, and affiliate of the International Law Institute based in Washington DC.   We met with Debora Rogo , Senior Attorney, and Debora explained the work of Institute which includes providing continuing legal education in subjects broadly related to economic development and international commercial relations.   In addition, the Institute offers seminars and training workshops for the legal profession, in Africa, the Middle East and also in London.  The institute has offices in a number of African Countries and  has a thriving internship programme that welcomes applications from law students from around the globe. The following day Jenny Hamilton attended a public lecture given at the Institute by Prof Linda Carter, Director of the Legal Infrastructure and International Justice Institute, University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento, USA .  The lecture focused on aspects of the work of the International Criminal Court. Also attending the lecture were the British High Commissioner, the Chief Justice of the Uganda Supreme Court, and the Hon. Justice Paul Kahaibale Mugamba, Head (Anti-corruption Division) of the High Court of Uganda.

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