Three Firsts for London 2012

The long wait is over, and in about an hour’s time, students outside Europe will be pushing the University’s IT systems to the limit (but hopefully not beyond it) to check their exam results.

 This year we had three First class awards at what we still, in language from another century, call the ‘Overseas Board’.  Two of the Firsts (Golds?) this year are from Hong Kong and one is from Pakistan. 

Lee, King Hay Ryan

Lee, King Hay Ryan gained the highest First this year; he studied part-time on Graduate Entry Route B.  He received tuition support from Hong Kong University School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE) and in his final year he also attended classes at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Professional Education and Executive Development (HKPolyU SPEED).  Ryan worked as a paralegal at a local law firm in Hong Kong during his studies and says that the “most valuable asset I acquired during my LLB course was… the legal mind set and methodology… for problem-solving.  You could always look up relevant materials for the law, but more importantly it is the methodology that guides you through the process to reach your answer.   The study of law,  says Ryan, calls for “determination, discipline, diligence and perseverance” (and despite the three Ds I’d put perseverance first).  Many congratulations Ryan.

Hassan Niazi

Lam, Chin Kiu Crystal is also from Hong Kong and also studied part-time Graduate Entry Route B. She attended classes at HKPolyU SPEED.  Congratulations Crystal.

Md Hassan Adbullah Niazi studied at University College Lahore in Pakistan.  He is our sole Undergraduate First this year (and the youngest).  He was on Scheme A.  In common with Ryan and Crystal two of Hassan’s first class marks were in Tort and Trusts.  Congratulations Hassan.


  1. I am so moved by such achievement by these guys. I remain more determined than before!!!

  2. It is very motivating to read such success stories. They have really done extremely well. This will inspire those of us still studying to higher heights. Congrats Guys.

  3. i am very much impressed with the achievements of these young men. congratulations to you all! My fervent hope however is that the females especially the young ones see this as a challenge and strive hard to get that too in the years ahead.

  4. I am very proud of the boy from Lahore for doing exceptionally well in his LLB results. A proud achievement for Pakistan

  5. congratulation to these three individuals. i am now starting my first year and my first class is tomorrow. I hope that i came emulate your achievements.

  6. Congratulations Ryan, Crystal and Hassan.

    I am very impressed by such achievements by these young guys especially Hassan from Pakistan. Big Big well done.

    Big motivation for all students around the world.

    Hassan and Ryan can i have your email address please ?


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