2012 Malaysian Laws Scholarship winner announced

The University of London Undergraduate Laws Programme is proud to announce this year’s winner of the Malaysian Laws Scholarship: Miss Navini Rajikumara.

“This opportunity means a lot to me as it was something that I was working towards from the start and I am now in a place that I once only fantasized about being. Words cannot describe how thrilled and elated I am to be studying law in THE place where it all originated from. The whole situation is so surreal and I hope that I will be able to take it all in, during the two short years that I will be living in London.”

The Scholarship which will support Navini through her studies at King’s College London is offered annually to the Malaysian student who scores the highest marks in Year One of Scheme A, LLB. Navini, who studied the first year of the LLB with the Advance Tertiary College (ATC), will join other promising students undertaking the LLB at King’s College London this Autumn.

“I chose to study the LLB with the University of London because I knew that it is a very much sought after degree and would open more doors for me in the legal fraternity. Receiving the King’s scholarship has further proven that I had made the right choice. I hope to gain a wealth of knowledge and have an unforgettable 2 years, not only academically, but also from being in a whole new exciting place with new friends and memories that I would cherish for a lifetime!”

We would like to wish Navini the best of luck in her studies over the next two years.


  1. Well done, an award well deserved, we met today at the Law induction and all your advice has been well noted, I wish you all the best.

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