Approaching the CLRI Exam

On Sunday the 24th of March, Professor Adam Gearey ran an online seminar talking through how students should best approach the CLRI exam.

Ran alongside the Weekend Study Support sessions, Professor Gearey’s session covered last year’s exam paper and general guidance on exam skills and common mistakes people have made before.

There was then a small break and then a Question and Answer session took place.

The experience proved really informative to us in terms of how to best provide resources like this in the future and was attended by over 150 students, which is the largest group we’ve ever had on one of these events.

University of London student’s can see the videos on the VLE (please see “Lectures” on the CLRI course page, or “Past lectures” on the VLE home page). Students interested in other exam hints may wish to see “hints for exams” as well.

Here is some feedback we received from students and we’d love to hear more from you on how it went (leave a comment below)

I am sure you are very busy but just wanted to pass on thanks for organising the Web Presentation. Both the content and format were extremely useful and appreciated.

Let me firstly extend my personal appreciation to you and the team for a great work regarding the CLRI seminar today.

Wanted to send a quick thank you to both you and Dr Gearey for putting on today’s session.  It is much appreciated, and in response to Dr Gearey, I certainly did get a lot out of the session!

oh my!both of my questions were answered! thank you so much Pat! Really appreciate it!

Please thank Prof Geary for me! It was really wonderful & fruitful to have had this online seminar.

Extend my thanks and sincerest appreciation to Dr.Gearey, please, from Trinidad and Tobago. Also, Pat, thanks again!





  1. I found this session to be very beneficial and it gave me much needed confidence as exams approach. Thanks !

  2. Hello Pat,
    Thank you very much. This is nice one. But the quality of the video clip as set in VLE is bit problematic to us. Perhaps our system does not support the high quality. Particularly, there might be some technological difficulties when we try to download the clip through Realplayer downloader.

    yours truly

    (AZM Waliul Islam)
    Research Facilitator
    and Faculty Member
    Bhuiyan Academy
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    1. Hello,
      The video isn’t great quality (it is a recording of the stream) – so please use the audio if it doesn’t work for you.

  3. Hello Pat – Thanks very much for the CLRI exam seminar. The video format really helped to create the atmosphere of a classroom and lessen the sense of isolation. The information was very useful, and Prof. Gearey’s lectures and talks are always immensely helpful, clear and reassuring. I hope you’ll be doing many more of these. Thanks.

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