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The number of Firsts this year is the highest this century and in, it seems, in living memory.  The difficulties of achieving a first class degree with the programme are very well known and the tiny percentage of students achieving such a level of success inevitably remains small.

Two of our First class students this year studied independently.   They are both male; both live in the United Kingdom and oddly enough were both born in the same year!  Gareth Thomas and David Erdos both expressed delight with their results and variously noted the rigor of the course as well as the quality of the self study materials and the value of the weekend courses run by the University of London.

 I have found the University of London programme intellectually stimulating and rigorous throughout and got a great deal from the course.  Although it is hard work to combine with a full-time job, it was certainly worth doing. (David Erdos)

Although our programmes are designed to accommodate students balancing their studies with their busy working and family lives, it is nevertheless is very gratifying when students prepare for examinations using only the materials provided by the Undergraduate Laws Programme.  Successful graduates were also kind enough to commend the quality of the academic and learning resources provided by the University through its VLE and Online Library.

All of the other eight first class graduates received support from a recognised teaching institution during the course of their studies and paid testament to the invaluable supplementary academic support provided by HKU SPACE, HK PolyU SPEED, SZABIST, ATC, BAC and Kaplan Holborn College.

Aside from support from a teaching institution, what all of our graduates shared in common was a clear sense of gratitude to friends and family who have provided support throughout the course of their studies.

 I’d like to thank my family for their unending support, especially my father for his unflagging tuition and encouragement, my father-in-law for his sage advice, and my lovely wife for her remarkable patience, kindness and willingness to do far more than her fair share of parenting. (Gareth Thomas)

 Thanks to my lecturers and classmates for every hour of lecture and every workshop in preparation. Also, my close friends and family, both in the UK and in the Caribbean, have been faithful in their support and solidarity. This is very much our shared achievement and thus our shared cause for celebration! (Vondez Phipps)

Whether studying independently, or at an institution, we are proud of all our graduates and it is right and proper that your relatives, friends and lecturers share in your success.

Our first class graduates have also offered words of encouragement to their fellow students:  As noted by Pua Seng Yik, ‘consistency and perseverance is the key to success. I sincerely wish that every student will excel in their studies’.  Furthermore, in the words of Daniel Chua Wei Chuen, ‘I wish each and every student success in all their endeavours and that this degree may be a stepping stone for each of us to achieve greater heights’.

Eeshah Khalid

 Achieved the top first class award this year.  Studied with support from SZABIST, Karachi.

Cheung Hoi Yin Ingrid

Studied with support from HKU SPACE and HK Poly U SPEED, Hong Kong.

David Erdos

Studied independently.

Vondez Phipps

Studied with support from Kaplan Holborn College, London in 2012-13.

Pua Seng Yik 

Studied with support from Brickfields Asia College (BAC), Kuala Lumpur.

Chua Wei Chen Daniel

Studied with support from Advance Tertiary College (ATC), Penang.

  • Yip Wing Yan Studied with support from HKU SPACE, Hong Kong.
  • Gareth Thomas Studied independently.
  • Ho Wai Kwan Celia Studied with support from HK Poly U SPEED, Hong Kong.
  • Chen Kam Lung Alan Studied with support from HK Poly U SPEED and HKU SPACE, Hong Kong.


  1. Congratulations!!! All of you have done an amazing job and serve as inspirations to us all. I hope you all find success and more in your Bar training or Solicitor training and I hope you have stellar careers!

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