Globalisation of Education

Professor Jenny Hamilton, Director of the Undergraduate Laws Programme, attended the Australian International Education Conference earlier this month. Over 1000 delegates from across Australia and Asia Pacific attended the conference, which focused on the key global, regional and local drivers that influence and shape international education.

The opening keynote speech on the globalisation of education was delivered by Dr Mehta, President and CEO of the Centre for Policy Research, India. Dr Mehta discussed whether the current form of internationalisation and commercialisation of Higher Education will increase the ability of developing countries to provide higher education. Dr Mehta suggested that the current structure may not lead to provision growing in developing countries but to a diversion of resources and of intellectual capital away to developed countries. Dr Mehta also questioned whether the recent rush towards internationalisation of higher education might be the next ‘bubble’.

Professor Hamilton attended the pre-conference workshop on developing transnational pathways, at which she gave a presentation on the International Programmes model, explaining that under this model students are able to study for our degree entirely in their home country and that the model also provides for the sharing of good teaching practice between local institutions and the University of London.

Professor Hamilton also presented a paper on ‘MOOCs – The inside story’ in which she shared some of the preliminary findings from the Undergraduate Laws Programme MOOC and discussed some of the broader political issues surrounding questions governing how, where and when a MOOC is offered. The Undergraduate Laws Programme has offered one MOOC via Coursera, and has taken the step of making it now available to everyone on the Open Web: Undergraduate Laws Programme, English Common Law: Structure and Principles

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