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We have thousands of students on the programme all over the world. It’s not always possible to feel connected to others or share the same experiences. Anthony is an LLB student who has suggested he might share some of his experiences as an independent student of the UoL programme over this academic year. Here is his first post.

I am an LLB student at the University of London (UoL), and have progressed to the 2nd year or Level 5 of the Programme. I study on my own as due to cost I am unable to afford taught study at a law school. I’m studying modules at level 4 and level 5.

The pursuit of law is a serious investment (money, time, energy) which I have undertaken to do at the UoL. It is one that I have come to accept requires not just investment, but much personal sacrifice owing to the academic rigour of the LLB Programme. Important for me is not just to have a law degree from a reputable academic institution, but to have one that is fit for purpose in the field in which I plan on pursuing a professional career; i.e. law. In summary I want to succeed academically and professionally. As a result, in the resources offered to students like myself, my sincere hope is that the UoL fully appreciates the extent and depth of dreams and aspirations associated with the LLB.

Having reviewed the recommended material for the various courses (Subject Guide, Statute Book, Journals etc), there is no denying how daunting and overwhelmed I already feel. Having realised the recommended 300 hours per course module required, the sacrifice I will have to make in my social life, family life, and that I will need to manage my time effectively so as not to jeopardise my current job, it is even more daunting.

However the magnitude of the task has also made me realise that:-

• if I really want a law degree, I have to make sacrifices
• the LLB Programme is demanding because the law profession is demanding
• short term sacrifices are necessary for long term gain; i.e. a law career

Beyond the UoL support material, I have decided to exercise my own initiative in ensuring that I effectively manage courses as best as I can. As a result I have (i) developed a study timetable, (ii) been utilising a local library (too many distractions in home environment), and (iii) been trying to link up with local study partners. I do not know if this is enough, but I do know that this will certainly help me.

Over the academic year I have voluntarily asked the UoL to be allowed to share my experience with other students as I progress through the Programme. Some students will be able to relate, some will not (as each student’s experience has its own uniqueness). However it is hoped that at varying times, in varying ways, my ideas, hopes, fears, frustrations and shared determination can all be related to on this LLB journey we are all on together.

Anthony ( UoL LLB student)


  1. I’m a new student and my LLB journey just started. For someone who is used to a classroom like myself distance learning sure has its own challenges. But reading your article made me realize how we all have something in common:- the worries of not giving much time to our studies, the sacrifices required, the fear of failing and the hope that we will one day make it to the top.

    Your article lifted my spirit up, THANK YOU!

    1. HI , i am also studying my llb in caribbean and seem to be having the same dilemma but great work with studying independently ! you have given me some motivation to start really putting in that work !

  2. It has been just a few months that I embarked on my LLB journey and I have chosen the self-study mode too. You are right; sacrifice indeed is the soul of success. It has been a pleasure reading your blog post. I did feel that I am not alone spending sleepless nights with a hope to succeed.


  4. I am thoroughly enjoying Year 2.I am from Trinidad and chose Tort, Property and E&Q. With 2 demanding young kids, Full time job and studies, my time is limited.It is costly and I am so determined to pass all exams. From day one I started reading as extensively as I can. I have summarized all cases and from Jan 2016 is where I get my best work done. I go into exam with favourite topics but learn all topics. Best wishes to all who are in the programme.

  5. Anthony, hats of for such a timely message. I just recently received my new student package from UoL. The minute I opened it I was questioning myself, wondering if I was prepared emotionally or financially for this daunting journey.
    I am an older student and believe strongly that anything is possible if a person is committed to their dream.
    I know now that I must stay focus and not become overwhelmed by the big picture. I will take your shared experiences and advise and work it into my situations; and build a foundation of commitment to accomplish through the suggested work and study patterns of someone, who shares my hopes, fears and resolve, to accomplish ones dream. Thanks a million. That came at a most opportune time.

  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Anthony – I do wish you all the very best and believe you will get to where you want to be in your career, life and family.

    I embarked on a LLB after completing a engineering degree, masters in business admin and other grad certificates from other universities and with my 49 years of life experiences my curiosity and willingness to learn has not faded and has only become stronger.

    I take my role as a father of two boys 17 an 15 years old very seriously and never for granted – I want to encourage the theme, discussion and atmosphere in our household that learning, asking and questioning need not be limited to formal school years but in effect ought to be a life long journey.

    Needless to say that having the awareness and exposure to a LLB I believe will assist me in my career and will enable me to add value to the my organisation, our customers and stakeholders

    Again – thank you Anthony for sharing and wish you all the very best for the rest of 2015 and for 2016 – gordon – Sydney – Australia

  7. Always remember fellow students many thousands before us embarked on this journey and have been successful the trick is not to allow oneself to become overwhelmed and just be organised and devote time to planned study this is particularly for older students like myself with commitments…Thank You Anthony and Good Luck ALL Carpe Diem

  8. hi my name is scott and i am studying my llb in the caribbean everything is going wonderful so far it’s just that with criminal law i’m having some problems memorizing the cases for different topics i either mix up the year it was reported or the case number any thoughts?

  9. Thanks for your sharing. Anthony. It is encouraging that you have mentioned “short term sacrifices are necessary for long term gain”. May you share more about your study time and schedule? How to balance your life while preparing your LLB.

    Thank you very much. Wish you a success!!

  10. Thanks for sharing your experience. It is encouraging that you have mentioned “short term sacrifices are necessary to long term gain “. May you share more about your study time and schedule? How to balance your life while preparing Llb . Thank you very much. Wish you a success!!

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