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Contract1As 2015 has drawn to a close, Anthony, who posted here previously, has given us a few more thoughts on his progress.


Study Time

It is now December and I believe my studies have been progressing well, I have been reading the required texts and dedicating as much time as I can to studying. Sometimes I meet the recommended hours, sometimes I do not. Admittedly I have mixed feelings regarding my studies. On the one hand I am encouraged in knowing that I am studying and as such making progress, on the other hand I am concerned on occasions that there is more studying that I could or should be doing. However I have resigned myself to the reality that in addition to studying, I have other obligations such as a full time job. So I do what I can as best as I can under the circumstance knowing that it is now not simply a case of “how hard” I work, but “how smart” I work. In this regard I have fortunately been able to develop a study routine, and have been managing my study time better, compared to when the academic year started in September/October 2015. This might not be enough to bring about the much desired “A”s in exams in May 2016, however I continue to try knowing that any lack of success should not be for lack of trying.


Study Support

In preparing myself as best as I can I have sought to make use of the various “Study Support” material available on the University of London (UOL) website. This is especially as regards “Lecture Plus” and the “Laws Programme Discussion Forum”. These information sources are extremely useful in information content, but also potentially challenging in information overload. I have had to make a decision as to how involved I get in either, knowing that the reading material yet to be covered for law courses that I am doing is vast. I have therefore had to balance the time devoted to “Study Support”, with actual study. I cannot at this stage say if I have gotten the balance correct, that I will only know when I have received my exam results.


Study Group

I have liaised with a few other students regarding organising a face to face study group in my location. This has not been easy, as the fact that the UOL LLB Programme is an online programme, students doing my courses are spread out all over the country and city where I live. No group meeting has as yet taken place, however plans are being finalised for January 2016. I am confident that my study group will meet in January, as a recent email received from the UOL, advising that exam registration is now open, has really sobered minds, especially mine. It is now realised that although it seems as if the academic year has only just started, exam preparations is already upon me.


I wish everyone a Happy and Successful 2016, especially in exams.





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