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Exam I,  Anthony, have been making posts to this blog throughout the year which I hope have been helpful to other students. The May 2016 examinations are now fast approaching, and as a result I will make two last posts to reflect on my study this year. Having in the past shared my thoughts, actions, concerns, highs and lows, I have come to the following conclusions/realisations which I suspect is a view shared by many:


1.The LLB examinations, now imminent, are an important, but only one of a series of, determinants as to my competence for degree in law and ultimately a career in law.

2. The LLB constitutes the hardest academic endeavour I have ever undertaken, not solely due to its academic content, but because it has in reality also involved project management; i.e. managing study, career and family all at the same time.

The academic year has been one characterised by both failures and successes. Among the things for which I am extremely appreciative and from which I have benefitted are: –

  1. The online “Discussion Forum” which has been extremely informative in terms of student ideas and thoughts. Although I confess that I did not take part owing to a personal decision to focus more of my time on covering the reading material.
  2. The academic material on the VLE and the online library. Although at times the information has been overwhelming, I am conscious that an important legal trait is to be able to filter/distil information to that which is relevant
  3. The “Lecture Plus+” was also useful in that it facilitated course guidance through periodic feedback from lecturers
  4. “Formative Assessment” which afforded me the opportunity to think about legal issues not in abstract, but in an interlinked practical context and to apply them in answering trial examination questions. One of the best things about the assessment is that it was free (especially helpful due to my having struggled greatly to find the money to pay my student registration fee, law text books, examination registration etc.).
  5. The “Regional Revisions” I anticipate will also be of value, but as I have not as yet attended the pending one scheduled for London, I can only hope. I’m looking forward to it and to meeting other students.

There have, of course, also been some things which did not go as well as I had hoped and I will look at these in my next post shortly.

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