This post has been contributed by Dr Yvonne Jacobs Associate Director: Assessments and Student Lifecycle, Undergraduate Laws.

Congratulations to Ahalya Lelwala on obtaining a First Class degree bringing the total number of Firsts awarded this academic year up to 24. Ahalya studied at the Royal Institute of Colombo in Sri Lanka (the third student from this institution to be awarded a First class this year!).

Ahalya Lelwala

‘During the 3 years of the LLB degree I realised that despite my failures and mediocre results in my 1st and 2nd years, it was not too late to aim for a 1st Class Honours. My failures made me question what I was doing wrong and helped me better understand my subjects and improve my writing. These 3 years helped me grow as a person too as I worked hard to let go of my bad habits and inculcate good work ethic and discipline. This result would not have been possible if not for all my lecturers and tutors who not only taught the law but gave good advice that have helped me and will continue to do so, and my amazing support system of family, friends and my boyfriend Mithun who continued to believe in me when I had lost faith. My advice is to have balance in life. Don’t over stress. Understand what you are studying, learn to love it, do a bit extra and try to be good at a couple of modules.’

Congratulations to all of you who have successfully completed your degree in the October sitting. For those of you still studying for your degree I hope that Ahalya’s words provide encouragement and motivation to inspire you for the remainder of your studies.


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