An LLB degree lights the way for Pakistani graduate on career path

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Mariam Dawood, LLB, who received an Undergraduate Laws funded scholarship with Queen Mary, University of London, marks a new milestone in her life, the beginning of an LLM programme and aiming to lock a prestigious job as a legal advisor in a renowned law firm. 

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What influenced you to study the LLB?

Taking law at A-level and my law teacher, Ms. Sabeen. She herself is one of University of London’s LLB graduates and she has been teaching law for ten or eleven years now. She was really encouraging and motivating. She told me, how she could see me getting there and when I told her about the scholarship, she was like ‘Wow! I told you so.’

 So why did you decide to study through the University of London distance learning programme?

The online resources are great and really accessible. The module guides were of huge help during my first year, I would say a blessing in disguise. They prepare you in the best way to deal with the content-rich textbooks and the past exam papers also helped so much. I owe my scholarship to the module guides, for sure.

 How do you a feel about winning the scholarship?

Once I got the scholarship it really changed me, post the scholarship I had to set the bar really high for myself. I felt that only immense hard work would lead to persistent results – to be honest, I’ve never worked as hard as I did in my third year. I assigned more hours to study and more hours to law and, I think law deserves that.

 So what was the best part about studying at Queen Mary, University of London?

I think exposure is a huge deal because once I came here everything was just right in front of me. I was able to talk to the professors one to one and validate all the viewpoints I always had when I read their books. Something that stuck in my mind was a lecture by Lord Neuberger. The way he told us how he drafted judgements – the precision he followed and the clarity his judgements offer is very valuable for law students. Our tutors had the habit of putting a question out in the open and everybody responded with arguments they thought were the best. I remember doing that, the excitement it brought and the urge to think from different perspectives and different viewpoints.

 What have you enjoyed most about living in London?

I think the people. It is so multi‑cultured and full of opportunities, you get to learn from everyone. Literally, even a person on the bus would be able to teach you something or leave an impact on your mind.  So I guess that is the value of London for me.

How is studying abroad different from studying in your home country in Pakistan?

I think we are able to access more resources here in the UK. There is also so much competition here that one is compelled to do nothing but work hard and be as competent as possible.

What would you describe as the most rewarding part of your studies?

Receiving constructive feedback and encouraging words from my tutors.

Mariam pic 4What are your plans for now?

Most probably, applying to a multinational company as a legal adviser. But I think you need work experience for that, so I think I will be looking for a job in a well-reputed law firm.  Alongside that, I also have plans to do my LLM in International Finance and Commercial Law.

Would you like to add anything else about your experience studying through University of London?

For those studying the LLB – make use of the resources on the VLE and please use them wisely.  Open your mind, don’t just concentrate on what you are being taught, look around and read a lot. I really believe it is a great programme. It is going to make you end up where you want to be and maybe beyond where you even plan to end up.


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