London Study Support Event prepares me for my studies

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Everyone’s first start to the academic year at university is bound to be different. Nick, an Undergraduate Laws student decided to fly to London to attend the London Study Support Event at the University of London. Hear what he had to say about his experience.

Student photo - Nick

My London Study Support (LSS) experience has been absolutely outstanding. I cannot begin to say enough about the event and how wonderful it has been, from an academic, social and cultural perspective. From an academic viewpoint, the LSS tutors have been incredibly amazing in distilling complex topics into understandable and manageable learnings. I have also found the academic tutors to have been very patient, humorous and empathetic; their combination of intellectual and social competencies as well as capabilities have made the time in the session so enjoyable, that you really do not wish for the session to end.

In addition, from a social standpoint, the administrative team has been so gracious in how they have managed the logistics of the event. The LSS administration has not only planned the logistics but also the timings of various activities such as lunches and breaks, to ensure that all of us who have attended the LSS sessions have the ability to socialize with one another and make long lasting friendships as a result. And the courteousness of the LSS administration goes beyond laying out the scheduled for the days; the LSS administration has been absolutely incredible with their empathy of dietary, allergen and religious eating practices and have made many accommodations to ensure that all who have attended the LSS feel welcomed and are as productive as can be. Two particular empathetic examples standout in my mind. During every break, there are plenty of options for tea and biscuits; however, there are several gluten-free biscuits for members of our cohort which have a gluten allergy. Additionally, there were several members of our cohort which were vegan or vegetarian – and during lunch, there were at least 8 varieties of sandwiches, fruits, chips and juices which accommodate both veganism and vegetarianism. Just simply, outstanding planning!

Lastly, from a cultural perspective, I was overwhelmed with how global the LSS was. Usually, in every session, we had at least 14 different nations at a minimum represented. In many of the sessions, I was the only American, and the LSS experience has been a cultural experience unlike any other that I have attended; it was not only an amazing social experience, but also an amazing cultural experience, where I learned as much about the various countries of the world as I did about the various Civil and Common Law legal systems.

In closing, the investment that I made in flying to London to attend the LSS has yielded 10 times the return that I thought it would. I thought that I was preparing well in my studies; however, the LSS experience has truly given me the necessary building blocks, knowledge and skills which will make my laws experience exceptional. I cannot recommend the LSS enough and I certainly look forward to coming back for the Revision Event in London within the next few months.

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