Making the most of online Discussion Forums for Lecture Plus

This post was contributed by Ms Charlotte Crilly, Teaching Fellow and Module Convenor for Undergraduate Laws.

If you are studying on UG Laws , you will have the opportunity to participate in the Lecture Plus series of lectures as additional support for your studies. Lecture Plus includes the following resources for each module:

  • Online notes and resources to prepare students for the lecture.
  • One hour video/audio recorded lecture with slides
  • The opportunity to engage in discussions online with fellow students using pre-set tutorial questions, on discussion forums.

The discussion forum part of Lecture Plus allows you to discuss aspects of modules with other students. You will also benefit from input from a tutor who will comment in the discussion forum and clarify points.

The Lecture Plus discussion forums are therefore a valuable resource. How can you get the most out of them for your studies?

Forum, question and answer initials.

Lecture Plus discussion forum top tips

  • Read the question carefully. Make sure you know exactly what you’re being asked to do in the pre-set tutorial questions.
  • Keep your posts quite short. It can be tempting to write down everything you know about a topic, but this isn’t necessary to answer the question. Remember that in the exam you will need to write succinctly!
  • Don’t be afraid to contribute. The tutor and your fellow students will be supportive – you all have the same goal of learning about the law and succeeding in your studies. Writing something very short, even just one sentence, is much better than not contributing at all.
  • Respond to other students’ posts. This moves the discussion onwards, and you will find that you can really learn from other students. You could point out where you agree with what other students have said, and why, or ask follow up questions if there’s something you want to know more about.
  • Check your writing style. You could read your post out loud to ensure it makes sense, and check basic spelling and grammar. Avoid using text speak or very informal language – remember that this is still academic work.
  • Respond in a timely manner. Remember that the discussion forums are open for a limited time, usually a couple of weeks. The earlier you post your message, the more time there will be for other students and the tutor to respond. If you post after the forum has closed, the tutor will no longer be able to respond.

We look forward to seeing your contributions on the Lecture Plus discussion forums!


Undergraduate Laws students can watch Using the Lecture Plus discussion forums short video to find out why you should engage with the Lecture Plus discussion forums and how to use them.

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