Coronavirus and the evolution of the Undergraduate laws study events

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At the start of the Coronavirus pandemic many of us had to adapt to new restrictions placed on our professional and educational lives. Although these restrictions have brought about many hardships, they also created many innovative experiences that have resulted in more flexibility, with more opportunities now available to a wider audience.

One example of this is the University of London Undergraduate Laws study events that are offered twice a year and provide students with academic guidance from a University of London approved tutor. With many of our student’s completing their Laws degree as independent learners, without any direct instruction from an academic, these events can be the only opportunity they have to receive direct academic guidance during their studies. In the last few years these study events were held in London and not all students were able to take advantage of this learning opportunity due to their location and personal and professional commitments.

With the risks associated with the Coronavirus pandemic and the numerous international lockdowns, the Undergraduate Laws study events transitioned to online events in the 2020/21 academic year and were offered through the Blackboard Collaborate platform. This technology allowed students to attend a virtual interactive tutorial from the comfort of their own homes and included students from all over the world. In addition to the live tutorials, pre-recorded lectures and overviews were also provided in an online format so students could prepare for the events on their own time and from a convenient location.

The transition of the study events to an online experience resulted in a more inclusive offering while still providing the additional tutor led learning requested by our students.  An independent student in her third year of the LLB said,

The Revision Day for Jurisprudence was very helpful. The University and the lecturer Adam Gearey provided very good material in advance and during the day (pre-recorded lectures, model answers for essays), and clearly stated preparation tasks/reading. The lecturer was competent, friendly, well-organised, explained complex issues very clearly, and used interesting real-life examples.

Amelia Bruderer

While a second year LLB student said,

The Revision Event is an invaluable event UoL hosts. I found it to be well organised and it provided an opportunity, to hear and engage with the experienced Tutors of the University of London. They were receptive and engaging with fellow students. Nothing was too big or small for them to answer, as well as guiding you on approaching questions, and troublesome areas in the module. Congratulations to the staff for hosting this year’s event.

As I am an independent learner, the event was confidence boosting and I look forward to future events.

Reese Kawalsingh Anthony

With ‘normal’ life returning in stages for some and restrictions still in place for others the Undergraduate Laws study events will again be offered in an online format for the upcoming year. We hope you will be able to join us online at either the Study Support Event November 2021 or the Revision Event in March 2022.

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