Study Support Event 2021

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At Undergraduate Laws we are opening our 2021-22 academic year with our first Study Event to give you the chance to explore some key module topics, to participate in learning activities and to develop an understanding of how to plan your studies over the academic year.

Whether you’re looking to sit examinations in 2022 or start your learning journey with us, come and see what the University of London tutors have to offer.

Jill Marshall

Tutor Jill Marshall

Professor Jill Marshall is a Professor of Law in the Department of Law and Criminology at Royal Holloway University of London and a qualified lawyer in England and Wales. Her work focuses on the relationship between law and living well, human flourishing, what it means to be free, and women’s human rights. This includes analysis of the purpose of law, including human rights, identity and anti-discrimination law purporting to protect aspects of our personal freedom and identities.  She is the author of three books including Human Rights Law and Personal Identity and has written widely on these topics. She is also module convenor for the Jurisprudence and legal theory module for Undergraduate Laws at the University of London.

Join her on this adventure teaching Jurisprudence and legal theory

Jill will be sharing her knowledge at this year’s Study Support Event 2021 with an introduction to debates within jurisprudence and an exploration of the command theory of law with reference to Hobbes, Bentham and Austin and aspects of Hart’s critique of Austin. She’ll lead a discussion of classical and modern natural law thinking. There will also be an analysis of Dworkin’s theory; his critique of Hart, interpretive theory, Hercules, and how law is like literature.

Be sure not to miss out!

Jill Marshall

Anne Street

Anne is a Senior Teaching Fellow at SOAS, where she has been convenor of Contract, Property & Equity to undergraduates for nearly 30 years. Anne Street began her teaching at University College London (UCL) where she studied for both her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees before moving to SOAS. As a course leader she has been designing courses, writing learning materials and examination papers for decades. Anne has been a tutor on the UG Laws programme for many years, teaching both in the UK and abroad.  Join her this year at the Study Support Event 2021 where she’ll be teaching Property law!

Join her on this adventure teaching Property law

Anne Street will begin with the topics from Chapter 1 -3 engaging with key topics in discussions during the tutorials, so that you get a full grasp of this core area of study. Anne will cover the two parts of Chapter 5 together with Chapter 6 and the importance of the lease licence distinction.

Take this opportunity to attend and ask lots of questions and engage with fellow students.

Anne Street

Ioannis Glinavos

Tutor Ioannis Glinavos

Ioannis is a legal academic with 15 years’ experience in the design and delivery of online education. Having worked with the Open University and the University of London, Ioannis is an expert in e-learning in the fields of Contract, Company and Business Law. Ioannis is also an active researcher and prolific writer with publications in top ranked peer-reviewed journals and across international media (The Independent, Forbes, Newsweek, HuffPost). His current teaching work focuses on developing micro-credentials and continuing professional education e-courses.

Join him on this adventure teaching Contract law

This is a fantastic opportunity to watch and listen to a presentation of how a Contract can be set aside by finding a misrepresentation made during negotiations between parties. Through discussions, Ioannis will explore the concept of agreement and of the core elements of contractual formation, focusing on offer, acceptance and revocation; and the requirement that parties intend to create legal relations; that the terms of their agreement are certain and not vague; and that their agreement is a complete agreement that does not need further development or clarification. He’ll also provide an introduction to the doctrine of privity, discussing how contracts affect the rights of third parties.

Meet me online and remember that only good preparation leads to great results.

Ioannis Glinavos

Laura Lammasniemi

Tutor Laura Lammasniemi

Dr Laura Lammasniemi is an Assistant Professor at Warwick School of Law. She specialises in criminal law, and has previously taught at various University of London colleges. Laura’s principal research interests lie in the areas of crime, gender, and class from a historical perspective. Currently she is working on a project on the history of sexual consent in criminal courts, 1870-1950, and in 2021, she was chosen to deliver the 2021 British Social Sciences Award Lecture on this topic. Laura has spoken at the House of Commons on the issue of human trafficking and has participated in BBC TV and radio shows as a legal history expert. Laura has developed resources for Criminal law and Dissertation modules offered at Undergraduate Laws and delivered a number of the Lecture Plus sessions for Criminal law. The interactive study and revision days are her favourite part of the module.

Join her on this adventure teaching Criminal law

Laura will look at what criminal law is, what kind of things are criminalised, and begin to question why. She will discuss the criminal justice system, with special emphasis on the court system. She will cover the two terms that will dominate your early studies; actus reus and mens rea – the building blocks of criminal liability, then focusing on the coincidence of actus reus and mens rea. This will be an interactive session where she will require you to come prepared to contribute to the small group and all class discussions.

This is time dedicated to your learning and the more you participate, the more you will get out of the day!

Laura Lammasniemi

Amanda Taylor

Amanda Taylor is a University of London Teaching Fellow and was a senior lecturer and deputy LLB course leader at University of Westminster for 16 years. At University of London her focus is on the Equity and Trust module and she is also involved with LSM. She currently teaches Equity and Trusts at a number of Universities in the UK at LLB, GDL and Masters level.

Join her on this adventure teaching Equity and Trusts

Amanda will deliver sessions on Express Trusts (Fixed and Discretionary); Bare Trusts and Purpose Trusts; Formalities and Constitution; Trustees duties and powers. Amanda looks forward to meeting you and showing you that Equity and Trusts is not a difficult module to study, providing you open your mind to the possible answers and have some fun!

Please don’t feel shy: the event is there for you to ask questions. Having taught over so many years I can assure that if you don’t fully understand you won’t be alone. Ask away and we can explore the answers together.

Amanda Taylor

Andrea Biondi

Tutor Andrea Biondi

Andrea Biondi is Professor of European Union Law and Director of the Centre of European Law at Kings College London. He has a distinguished academic record with visiting positions at leading universities, including Georgetown University, the College of Europe, Bocconi University in Milan, and the University of Rome La Sapienza. Professor Biondi’s research interests are in European Union law, with particular emphasis on state aid law, trade law and regulation as well as judicial protection of EU rights.  He also frequently advises Governments in matters of EU law and has been EU legal advisor to the Italian Prime Minister. He is also an Academic Member of 39 Essex Chambers in London. Andrea is Module Convenor for EU law.

Join him on this adventure teaching EU law

Brexit? Much more than that! Andrea wants you to attend and join discussions on protection of human rights in Europe, how to balance free trade with the preservation of the environment or whether gambling should be an activity that only the State can run. And of course there will be discussion of the UK withdrawal from the EU.

At the Study Support Event 2021, Professor Andrea Biondi will cover constitutional issues; EU internal Market; EU Citizenship; EU Human Rights. Finally, Professor Biondi will lead the class in the discussion of a problem question and provide guidance on how to tackle this form of question in the exam.

Join me for what will be an invaluable day for EU law students.

Andrea Biondi

Paul Dale

Tutor Paul Dale

Paul Dale is the LLB Programme Director and Lecturer in Law at Aston University, Birmingham. He is a Visiting Professor and sits on the Academic of Institute of Law, Jersey, a registered teaching centre of the University of London. Paul is an alumnus of the University of London. He studied the LLB as an independent student and during this time he enjoyed representing students. Paul has also lectured and acted as a consultant on LLB programmes with The Open University, University of South Wales, and University of Birmingham (where he read his LLM).   Paul’s teaching portfolio includes International Human Rights Law, Jurisprudence, Medical Law, Criminology and Legal Systems. He is currently researching the impact of the new SQE qualification route of becoming a solicitor on international legal education.

Join him on this adventure teaching Legal system and method

Paul will cover an introduction to the sources of law within England and Wales, an evaluation of how the legal system operates, the elements of judicial precedent and the impact of the Human Rights Act 1998. During the session you will evaluate the way in which judges interpret statutes (or legislation) to determine the legislative intent of Parliament. He will also lead a practical session where you will start to develop some of the skills required for finding, citing and reading legal sources.

Be sure to come prepared with questions in relation to your studies, to ensure that you get the most out of the day.

Paul Dale

Carol Brennan

Tutor Carol Brennin

Carol Brennan has been teaching Tort law for over thirty years, both in UK universities and also in distance learning programmes. She obtained her LLB from the University of London (LSE) many years ago and is very pleased to have travelled full circle and to be teaching here, at this later stage in her career. She is currently the Module Convenor for Tort law. She is the author of two current textbooks on the Tort law. Among her fields of research are mental health law and state responses to institutional child abuse. She enjoys contributing to the UG Laws Blog with her perspective on a contemporary issue in Tort law.

Join her on this adventure teaching Tort law

Dr. Brennan is very keen that Tort students have a good grounding in the fundamentals of the subject from the very beginning. That will be the focus of the Study Support Event 2021, so it is highly recommended that you take full advantage of the opportunity.

Preparing in advance will ensure that the event will provide you with the start that you need!

Carol Brennon

Eloise Ellis

Tutor Eloise Ellis

Eloise is a Senior Lecturer at the University of East Anglia where she teaches Public Law and European Union Law.  She is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Salzburg, the Université Catholique de Lille and at the Institute of Law, Jersey. Eloise is the co-convenor of the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) Public Law section and is on the Academic Panel of the Francis Taylor Building Chambers.  Prior to her academic career, she spent several years working as a political adviser and policy manager before spending time in a Government Department, where her roles included working for a Minister.  She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has a Master’s degree in Higher Education Practice.  She has been involved with the University of London, Undergraduate Laws programme supporting and developing resources for Public law for over ten years.

Join her on this adventure teaching Public law

During the Study Support Event with Eloise, you will look at the  Constitutional Structure of the UK along with important constitutional principles, such as the rule of law and separation of powers.  You will also look at the royal prerogative and learn more about the House of Lords. 

 This is a valuable opportunity to engage in interactive discussion with a tutor and other students and to receive tips and techniques on studying this module.

Eloise Ellis

Chris Riley

Tutor Chris Riley

Chris Riley lectures in company law on the LLB and LLM programmes at Durham University. He has been involved with the University of London’s Undergraduate Laws programme for many years and is currently the Module Convenor for Company law. Before embarking on his academic career, he qualified and practised as a solicitor for a large commercial practice, where he specialised in corporate law. He believes that an awareness of how company law operates in practice can help bring the subject to life.

Join him on this adventure teaching Company law

Chris will cover the nature of the limited company explaining the key ideas of corporate personality and limited liability, ‘lifting the veil’, the role of the company director along with their powers and duties.

Do your best to participate as much as you can in all the sessions: the more you join in, the more you’ll get out of it.

Chris Riley

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