Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the question of accountability (Part 1)

This post has been contributed by Professor Urfan Khaliq, Module Convenor for International Protection of Human Rights.


  1. Professor Khaliq, thank you for your video on the International Protection of Human Rights.

    You said the following : ” All states are equal and shall not interfere in each other’s internal affairs as article two of the United Nations Charter stipulates.” Let’s look at the history of the wars since 1950s, including the US, the UK as opposed to the formers USSR and, subsequently, Russia. In addition, let’s not forget that NATO ( run by the US in Europe) and EU were created to counter the former USSR’s growing territorial and political dominance which, in turn, led to Russia’s efforts to ascertain its position in the region.

    In terms of international protection of the civillians’ human rights, how would you address the fact that since 1950s the US was involved in the Korean War, Vietnam War, Laotian Civil War, Lebanon, Cuba, Dominican Civil War, invasion of Grenada, Libya, Tanker War, US invasion of Panama, Gulf War, Somali war, Bosnian War and Croatian war, Haiti, Kosovo war, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq war, North- West Pakistan war, Uganda, Syria and by proxy – Ukraine?

    On the other hand, the UK was involved in the Indonesian National Revolution, Malayan Emergency, Korean War, Anglo-Egyptian War, Kenya, Cyprus ( UK military base is still here), Suez crisis, Dhofar Rebellion, Indonesian – Malaysian confrontation, Aden emergency, Ireland ( the troubles), Cod war with Iceland, Falklands War with Argentina, Lebanon, Gulf war, Bosnian war, Iraq, Kosovo war, Afghanistan, Libyan war, Iran ( Persian Gulf Crisis).

    So, if the analysis of the list of the wars the former USSR or Russia engaged in signifies the fact that it mostly involved neighboring countries or its former republics such as the Baltic States, Poland, East Germany, Hugary, former Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan etc. , yet the US and the UK’s war strategy involves toppling or controlling governments around the entire globe, including weaponizing Ukraine.

    Therefore, we are yet to see any accountablity of the UK and the US for all the atrocities they committed globally over the years for political reasons, even though they shared no borders with most of the countries they invaded. It can be arqued that these two countries paved the way to ignoring the issue of international protection of human rights when its suited their political agenda and the world continues to suffer the consequences of their actions aiming to dominate the world by providing military or financial help to those nations that can weaken Russia and Russian allies.

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