Tutors delivering your intensive revision in 2023…… 

The Undergraduate Laws Revision Event have something of a reputation and return again this March where University of London tutors will provide an overview of core topics within a module and help students to understand what examiners are looking for in an exam answer.

Carol Brennan

I have been teaching Tort Law for over thirty years, both in UK universities and in distance learning programmes. I obtained my LLB from the University of London (LSE) many years ago and I am very pleased to have travelled full circle and to be teaching here, at this later stage in my career. I am the author of two current textbooks on the Tort law. Among my fields of research is state responses and inquiries into institutional child abuse. I enjoy contributing to the UG Laws Blog and giving my perspective on contemporary issues in Tort law.

What to expect from my session

I am very keen that Tort students will have a good grounding in the fundamentals of the subject already. My sessions will focus on the law of nuisance (public and private) and the rule in Rylands v Fletcher and the opportunity to have practical experience with answering a sample exam question on the topic. We’ll cover vicarious liability in the employment context with a consideration of the policy considerations involved and important recent developments. Finally, I’ll offer an introduction to the topic of privacy, with a focus on the relatively new tort of misuse of private information. It will highlight both the key issues and some problem areas you need to be aware of.

A quick fact

In my spare time I enjoy deciphering ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Eloise Ellis

I am a Senior Lecturer at the University of East Anglia where I teach Public Law and European Union Law.  I’m also a Visiting Professor at the University of Salzburg, the Université Catholique de Lille and at the Institute of Law, Jersey. I’m the co-convenor of the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) Public Law section and on the Academic Panel of the Francis Taylor Building Chambers.  Prior to my academic career, I spent several years working as a political adviser and policy manager before spending time in a Government Department, where my roles included working for a Minister.  I’m a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and have a Master’s degree in Higher Education Practice.  I’ve been involved with the University of London, Undergraduate Laws programme in various ways for over ten years developing resources for Public law.

What to expect from my session

During the Public law session, we will discuss some recent developments in Public law, along with the significant challenges and constitutional innovations in recent years and we will talk about some of these and how they link with the wider syllabus. With reference to the pre-recorded lectures, we’ll develop further discussions for elements of human rights protection in the UK. Finally discussing some recent cases about the Judicial Review, ‘Parliamentary Sovereignty today and ‘how to succeed in public law exams.

A quick thought

This is a valuable opportunity to engage in interactive discussions with me and other students and to receive tips and techniques on studying and revising for your assessment in this module. Use this opportunity to prepare and ask questions.

David Thomas

I worked for many years as a solicitor, practicing in the fields of housing and property law, public law and human rights, and specialising in legal aid work. I stopped practicing in 2013 to study at Birkbeck College, University of London, where I am currently finishing a PhD. It is a story about the origins of human rights in the seventeenth century. I have taught several subjects for the School of Law in Birkbeck, including Land law, Equity and Trusts, and the Foundations of Property. I have been working at the University of London, Undergraduate Laws as a Teaching Fellow since May 2022. I really enjoy teaching and giving people the tools and information, they need to learn.

What to expect from my session

I shall be teaching Property law at the Revision Event 2023. We will be looking at protection/priority provisions in the system of Land Registration, the rules around severance of joint tenancies and adverse possession, and the rules around freehold covenants. As always, this is about your learning, not about listening to me talk; if you have done the work in advance, we’ll be able to have productive discussions about the law in the tutorials, and you will be able to ask all the questions that you may have.

Ioannis Glinavos

I came to the UK for study from Greece in 1996 and never really left. I have worked at a number of universities and I am currently contributing to teaching Contract and Business Law at the University of London, Westminster and the Open University. Watch a short welcome message here.

What to expect from my session

I look forward to helping students through the Contract law content with a series of pre-recorded lectures, a list of reading material and via live tutorials in the revision sessions. Contract, as well as Business Law are essential knowledge content in becoming a solicitor through the new Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) assessment.

A quick fact

I have a passion for cooking and subsequently am an online chef, if you want to pick up a few Greek recipes alongside your Contract law studies just visit ‘cooking with ioannis’.

Dr Laura Lammasniemi

Hello, I am Dr Laura Lammasniemi, an Associate Professor at Warwick School of Law. I specialise in criminal law and have previously taught at various University of London colleges. My principal research interests lie in the areas of crime, gender, and class from a historical perspective. I am currently working on a project on the history of sexual consent in criminal courts, 1870-1950, and in 2021, I was chosen to deliver the 2021 British Social Sciences Award Lecture on this topic. I have spoken at the House of Commons on the issue of human trafficking and have participated in BBC TV and radio shows as a legal history expert. Having developed resources for Criminal law and Dissertation modules offered at Undergraduate Laws, I continue to deliver several Lecture Plus sessions for Criminal law.

What to expect from my session

During the revision day, we will focus on the foundations of criminal law through three interactive, friendly tutorials. Firstly, we will focus on murder and partial defences to murder, loss of control and diminished responsibility. We will talk about how to answer the multi-part question and consider how to apply the law of murder and partial defences to the specific scenario. We’ll then move onto affirmative and failure of proof defences and discuss how to answer problem questions. In the final session of the day, we will focus on joint enterprise, looking at past exam essay questions on the topic and also discuss how to answer essay questions. Please remember that the better prepared you are, the more you get out of the sessions!

Dr. Ksenia Bakina

Hello, I am Dr. Ksenia Bakina, a Legal Officer at Privacy International (PI), a London-based charity that campaigns globally for legal and technological solutions to protect people and their data from exploitation. Prior to joining PI, I have taught law at Queen Mary, University of London and Royal Holloway, University of London.

What to expect from my session

In my revision lectures and tutorials, I will address topics of feminism, liberalism and the law, and the exam preparation. These sessions will deepen your knowledge of the current debates in jurisprudence and will enable you to relate what you have learned to the issues faced in the world today.

A quick fact

I have a PhD from Queen Mary, University of London and have previously been called to the Bar by the Inner Temple.

Amanda Taylor

Hello, I am Amanda Taylor, a University of London Teaching Fellow. I was a senior lecturer and deputy LLB course leader at University of Westminster for 16 years, but now freelance for many other universities teaching Equity and Trusts at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Apart from teaching Equity and Trusts, I am a panel member for a tribunal and chair a Board of Directors.

What to expect from my session

At the event I will give you an insight into what can be considered to be a resulting trust and what can be traced. We will then discuss the questions set in your tutorial overviews.

A quick fact

I dabble in photography and in one studio session was bitten by a praying mantis – not recommended!

Professor Martin Dixon

I am Professor Martin Dixon, the Professor of the Law of Real Property at the University of Cambridge and an Honorary Bencher of Lincoln’s Inn. I am also the Editor of The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer, the leading journal on property matters and co-author of Megarry and Wade: The Law of Real Property. I’ve taught, examined. and written about, Equity and Trusts and property law throughout the common law world, including currently Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. During my career I’ve been a member of the Chancery Bar Association, the Property Bar Association and the Property Litigation Association and currently Module Convenor for Equity and Trusts.

What to expect from my session

The revision day will cover a brief overview of the definition of a charitable trust, a discussion of the meaning of “public benefit” in the law of charity, and analysis of a problem question on the definition of charity. I will also give advice on examination technique, especially in relation to answering problem questions.

Professor Andrea Biondi

Hi, I am Andrea Biondi, a Professor of European Union Law and Director of the Centre of European Law at King’s College London. I am a visiting Professor at Luiss University in Rome. Alongside this I also serves as Vice President of the Board of Appeal of the EU Agency for Energy Regulation. I’m an academic associate at 39 Essex Chambers in London.

What to expect from my session

At the revision event we will cover the constitutional principles of EU law, discussing the links between the two doctrines and their relevance for the ongoing process of EU Integration. We will also attempt to “use” those constitutional doctrines in practice. We’ll spend time on the EU Charter examining this development of fundamental rights protection through case law. We will also look at the relationship between the ECJ and the European Court of Human Rights. And we will look at the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, proclaimed at the Nice European Council (December 2000), and now incorporated in the Treaty of Lisbon. Finally, we’ll ask the question of what the EU Internal Market is.

A quick fact

I once taught a student who was the nephew of Walter Rau , yes, the same of Walter Rau v De Smedt (you should know this case and if you don’t, hurry up and revise it!)

Tracey Aquino

Hello, I’m Tracey Aquino, currently a visiting lecturer at London South Bank University, having previously taught at the University for many years. I specialise in Tort law and LSM and have taught extensively for University of London, Undergraduate Laws, both within the UK and overseas. I also help to train barristers, specialising in civil litigation and written skills. Over the years I’ve developed revision resources and taught at many University of London revision events over the years.

What to expect from my session

The LSM course is a fascinating course as it introduces you to the English Legal System and the context within which all law develops. The skills you learn, particularly the skills of evaluation and criticism are essential ones for lawyers, and it is only by questioning the legal system that beneficial change can be achieved. The day is going to explore the interesting topics of judicial precedent and statutory interpretation, and I will help you revise effectively, and in a way that maintains – rather than drains – your interest! We will be looking at how to ensure your answers contain both relevant and interesting, good quality content. We will also be exploring civil and criminal justice and debating whether these systems serve the needs of users and society. This is your opportunity to ask questions and to contribute, and I’m looking forward to working with you. The revision day will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to do well in the exam and I hope it will encourage you to approach your studies with an enquiring mind and to question and challenge the law and its institutions.

A quick thought

It is never too late to change your future – so come and join us on this Revision Journey!

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