Students speak of First Class degree as being a dream come true

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Matteo Frigeri

Student Matteo Frigeri

“I started this LLB programme towards the end of my bachelor’s studies in Cultural Economics; at the time, I aimed to acquire formal training in law to carry out research in areas at the intersection of cultural studies and law – copyright law being an obvious candidate at the time – while remaining open-minded to any other future opportunity. Since then, my area of interest has expanded beyond anything I could have imagined at the time, covering now generally the regulation of technology, creativity/innovation, and knowledge. This is partly thanks to the breadth of subjects studied during this LLB, which I believe has provided me with a deep theoretical understanding of the law (both UK and EU).
Above all, joining this programme was about testing myself – assessing to what extent I was able to carry out legal analysis and develop interdisciplinary research. As a result of a low grade (below 50), I was forced to question my abilities and reconsider whether it was worth investing time in this programme. Positive results in the following exams rekindled my self-confidence and motivation, paving the way for the next 4 years of academic success.

I will not make a list of the ingredients for a positive experience in this programme, although it is obvious that passion, resilience, and actual enjoyment of the experience were greatly helpful. The best suggestion I can offer is to 1) study constantly and gradually, 2) understand how knowledge is assessed in the exam, and – as a minimum – study accordingly (this is a minimalist approach, much more useful when paired with the above mentioned “passion” and a good dose of reading the mandatory and non-mandatory literature; in other words, your grades are positively affected by both studying AND reviewing past exams), and 3) do not let your self-esteem be affected by grades.

For me, the academic literature was always a source of inspiration, forcing me to recognise how the law is shaped by much more than the words written down in legal instruments and opinions. It is in my mind one of the richest, multi-dimensional, and interdisciplinary subjects you could study. It requires much investment of time and effort, but it was in my experience very rewarding – especially once it is completed and seen in retrospective, no doubt. I wish the best of luck to all the future and current students of this programme.

Sheryll Stothard

Student Sheryll Stothard

“For me, it has been personally gratifying to have achieved a First Class degree in Law from the University of London, given the fact that the university is known to be discerning in awarding such honours. It also is a delightful bookend to my first degree in English Literature, for which I was also awarded First Class honours many years ago.
The original reason for my decision to study law was to help me become a better human rights advocate. Prior to beginning the University of London programme with Brickfields Asia College (BAC) in 2019, I had been working pro bono with very dedicated lawyers representing families of victims of enforced disappearance in Malaysia. My favourite modules during my studies – Public Law and Public International Law – reflect my interest and involvement in human rights advocacy.

As an older student reading law after many years of working, I did have doubts whether I had the stamina and focus to do well. I am not exaggerating when I say that sitting exams the University of London way can be quite a humbling experience – there really is no room for error if you want to achieve top marks. The real challenge is getting into the right mindset. Only when you’ve achieved this can you then motivate yourself to do the heavy lifting required and to put aside the time needed to get through the study materials.

My family’s confidence in me was a great boost in getting me into the right mindset. I am especially blessed that my parents and sisters were so supportive. I also had the benefit of some great teachers at BAC, especially in my first and second years. My advice to students starting out on their own journeys is to ensure you always have a good support system. Make full use of the VLE and other resources offered by the university. Read articles and key cases in full. Prepare your own notes and arguments. And finally, while we always need friends to hang out with, in your LLB journey, remember what the Buddha said: “If a wayfarer fails to find one better or equal, steadfast he should fare alone, for a fool is no fellowship.” Sometimes the journey to academic excellence is one you must be prepared to make alone if you cannot find like-minded fellow travellers who will not distract you from your goals.”

Thejana De Silva

Student Thejana De Silva

“I chose to pursue law to complement my finance background and obtain a world-class degree from the University of London. While balancing my studies with a full-time job was challenging, effective time management and perseverance was key to my success. Despite numerous challenges along the way, including a worldwide pandemic; I never lost sight of my goal, working tirelessly and constantly seeking feedback to improve my answers and my knowledge. Consistency and discipline was key.

Throughout my LLB I found various modules to be quite interesting including Company Law and Criminology, but ultimately it was Jurisprudence & Legal Theory that resonated with me the most. This module challenged me to think critically about the theoretical foundations of law and its role in society, and I was even honoured to receive the Certificate of Excellence from the University of London for being amongst the top three scorers in Jurisprudence during the year 2022. I enjoyed the module so much that I decided to tutor the subject after completing my degree, to stay connected with it and help other students excel in the subject.

Achieving a First Class LLB from the University of London was quite literally a dream come true. I am deeply grateful for the unwavering support and encouragement of my beloved father and mother, whose sacrifices and belief in me gave me the strength to overcome the obstacles and reach my goal. Lastly, I would like to acknowledge my Lord and Savior for His grace and guidance throughout my journey.”

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