Improving access to the Laws Weekend Courses

LLB RevisionClass Mens ReaWe are always looking for ways to improve the delivery of the University of London Undergraduate Laws programme and we have recently piloted an additional support to enhance the learning opportunities from the revision weekend in December. Steven Warburton and Patricia McKellar have been developing ways to make this course more accessible to students who, for reasons of expense or geography, are unable to get to London. Using sophisticated technology we have made an audio recording of one of the Criminal Law lectures delivered by Heather Keating and, after the editing process, this has been synchronised with the lecture slides to produce a “slidecast”.
The online resource has now been uploaded to the Laws VLE and is available from the Criminal Law section. Many students have already accessed this additional teaching resource. As well as being available for students who were unable to attend the weekend courses, the recording is a valuable reminder for students who were present. Recording revision lectures in the future will allow students who attend to concentrate on listening to the lecture itself rather than spending time taking notes. Students can also access the recordings in their own time and at their own pace, returning to them as often as they like – making it an excellent revision tool.

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