New Student Blog for University of London

The University of London International Programmes now has a student blog where law students can make posts. This facility is part of the new website which is currently being launched and will give students another place to discuss the course or let others know of their experiences. Needless to say at the moment the talk is all about the impending exams and how students use different methods to cope with the build up before the exam date. If you would like to make a post please contact and you will be guided through the simple set up. You can also make a comment on a post at any time and you might find this easier in the first instance if you are not accustomed to blogging. The web team are always looking for feedback on their initatives so if you think of anything that might be useful just drop them a line too.

You might also like to check out the new website itself and view the online version of ‘Connections’ or look at some of the resources available. Again any feedback will be welcomed.


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