New member of the ULP team

Pat LockleyLearning Developer (Laws)

My name is Pat Lockley and I joined Laws on Monday the 18th of June. I’m a learning developer, which means I’ll be working with the team here to build on the learning and teaching resources we already have on our VLE and to also develop new materials and services to help make sure people can gain as much as possible from the VLE and their degree.

Before working here I’ve worked for The Universities of Oxford and Nottingham, and I studied at the Universities of Birmingham and Liverpool. So I’ve experience of different UK universities and how they have developed and delivered learning resources. I’m really looking forward to getting started on developing materials here and seeing what we can do to make sure we have some of the best materials and services available for our students. I’m really passionate about education and the benefits it offers people and I’m keen to start helping people by making our VLE even better.


  1. Hi Pat

    This is just to confirm with you that is there any particular study material in respect to lecture slides, audio presentations of the law lecturer, special notes for teaching Criminal Law (COre Module)based upon Professor Williams new text book recommended for Criminal law students. please guide.


  2. Dear Pat,

    I would like to thank you for the great job you are doing. I am sure that you and your team will be able to provide us (especially external students) with all the best materials you can and make VLE better because we rely so much on this for our studies.


  3. Dear Pat

    Please consider some graphic materials in VLE to illustrate the issues from a particular topic. Graphic material is easier to remember than word. As long as it makes us easier to remember, cartoon should not be ruled out. Thanks.



    1. Dear Kazuki,

      We’re definitely looking to bring in a variety of different resources – is there anything you could give an example for?



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