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Those of you wanting a greater understanding of the Common and Public law will be interested to know that the UK Supreme Court have now started to release judgements on their new Youtube Channel. As the UK state is made up of several separate jurisdictions, this court – in most cases – sits above all of the courts in all jurisdictions. Those of you studying EU law will also know that the UK Supreme Court is the highest court of appeal in the UK, but as the UK is a member of the European Union, rulings from European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights must also be respected.

As well as covering the UK, many other legal systems have this court as part of their judiciary, such as this ruling involving a case in Jamaica :-

Unlike in some other countries, recording is not allowed inside courts in the UK, and so this channel is the first time many people will have a chance to see Judges providing rulings and passing down judgements. Previously, rulings have been broadcast live on Sky News, but until now they have not been recorded. Over 20,000 people each month have watched some of the most important rulings passed down by the 12 Supreme Court Judges. Lord Neuberger, the President of the Supreme Court has worked towards promoting the need for judges to make clear rulings, and for the judgements to be accessible. Each ruling is under 9 minutes long (most are under 5) and are available for anyone who can access YouTube to watch for free.

If you’re visiting YouTube please don’t forget the University of London International Programmes has a channel of videos for you to watch as well, including many about the law and the law course.

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  1. I am Student of the Universtity of London and I am reading for the Degree of BACHELOR OF LAWS:-LLB SCHEME A. These Supreme Court Rulings will help me a great deal on my Online Course of Law. Please your Lordships,keep on sending me these Rulings. All the same your Lordships keep it up.

    Pearson Matthias M Mashillini
    African Continent.

  2. I am Head of Laws, London East Bank College, UK. Our students just visited Supreme Court in last week. I am sure this will greatly benefit all of us, both tutors and students. Great idea to address digital distance.

  3. I welcome this innitiative and it is very motivating to link theory and practice. Miles away and yet so close with this initiative. very commendable initiative.

  4. More than a good idea. Thanks a Million.
    Very brief though. Tha, t I understand is not a Judgement, but is a start.
    I was part of the Crew that went for the Supreme Court Visit from LEBC.
    We sat for a Hearing which obviously was longer than a ruling…. I can tell the difference now.
    Will look out for more broadcast.

  5. I’m a student of d great universisty of london, I want to have more understanding in this course thanks for bringing it online.thanks marian dawodu

  6. A very good initiative and a great source of information, especially for persons like myself and others in Trinidad and Tobago who are reading for the Bachelor of laws Degree LLB.

  7. As a citizen of Jamaica and a student reading for your LLB, I found the above enlightening!

    Will share with my colleagues, some of which are students of the university.

    Thanks much!!

  8. iTs really good.please keep it and give more details about this. it is verry helpful for us.thnk you very much.

  9. This is great, thanks very much. It makes such a difference to be able to see and hear people in the act of doing what we are reading about from a distance.

  10. Well, it is a very good development. I am immensely pleased because I am still becoming both materially and intellectualy equiped.

    Keep it up.

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