From Russia, with love for the LLB

Konstantin (left) is a current LLB student, juggling his studies whilst working full time as a lawyer for a Russian oil company. He recently took time out from his busy schedule to write about his experience as a distance learning student on the University of London International Programmes student blog.

He writes: “…in order to understand better the mechanics of the common law I decided to become trained in common law. Considering the issue of cost, convenience of study (no requirement to sit in one place for the entire duration of the course) and reputation I chose UOL.

My choice of the program may seem a bit strange because normally people who are already trained as lawyers pursue LLM but my concern was the quality of knowledge one gets from such courses because I strongly doubt I could digest so much information on common law in a 1-year LLM course, even taken full time. So, this is why I am with UOL.”

To read Konstantin’s blog in full, please click here.

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