Celebrating in Hong Kong

Lee, King Hay Ryan (First Class) receiving his award from Simon Askey

Students from two of the University of London International Programmes’ recognised teaching institutions celebrated their success in Hong Kong last month.

In total, more than 70 Undergraduate Laws Programme students attended presentation ceremonies held at Hong Kong School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE) and the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong School of Professional Education and Executive Development (POLYU SPEED).

Joining the Director of the Undergraduate Laws Programme, Professor Jenny Hamilton, and Deputy Director, Simon Askey in Hong Kong were Professor Jonathan Kydd, Dean of the University of London International Programmes, and Andrew Bollington, Chief Operating Officer.

Speaking at the ceremonies, Professor Kydd said: “Today is a celebration of those graduating. Being a student these days involves far more pressure than was the case a generation or two ago. I admire you all for the efforts you’ve made and I celebrate your success with you.

He added: “The world in the years to come will be driven by its knowledge economy, and those with education and skills will excel in it. It is the goal of the International Programmes to play a leading role in creating that global knowledge economy, in providing the excellent educational opportunities of the University of London to young people, and not so young people, across the world.”

Professor Hamilton said: “As well as congratulating our graduates, many of whom have successfully completed their degree while also working full-time, it is important to also recognise the support that HKU SPACE and, more recently, POLYU SPEED provide to our Undergraduate Laws students.  It is a real pleasure to attend these graduations and share in celebrating the success of a new group of University of London alumni from Hong Kong and I am sure we will hear more of them as they make make their mark in the world, whether in law or in other professions.”

From academics and staff at the Undergraduate Laws Programme, we congratulate students from HKU SPACE and POLYU SPEED on their achievements!

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