Notice about Course Materials 2013/14

As part of our development of course materials, there are a number of changes being made to the resources provided for the Intermediate subjects for the following academic year (2013/14).

  • All Intermediate Courses will have revised Study Guides issued for this academic year to ensure we are providing students with the most up to date material.
  • Where there is a Study Pack this will have been reviewed and may also be subject to some changes.
  • There are planned changes to the core textbooks.

All registered students will receive email notification of these changes. More information is also available on the VLE.

We are continuing to improve the resources we provide to students. This is part of the rolling programme to review all the materials in each course over the next five years and to provide more integration with technology and recognised distance learning practice. Students will be notified of further changes to the materials in other subjects in due course.

We welcome feedback on these innovations which will assist us to continue to provide a dynamic and responsive programme.


  1. What will happen to those of us who are not stitting for exams this year.Are you going to allow us to buy the new study guides?

    1. Dear Gerald,

      If you re-register on the programme next year then you will receive an updated subject guide.

      Kind Regards,

  2. The new Public Law text is excellent and great news for those doing their Intermediate Exams next year! I relied on it heavily last year and did very well in the exam. The chapter on ‘legitimacy in the constitution’ is a brilliant explanation of parliamentary sovereignty. The way the authors use cases and materials really did help me understand the topics. The chapter on EU treaties and legislation is even more than you will need, so much so that it is still useful to me now in EU Law. The treatment of the HRA 1998 is also good. Strange thing to say but looking back through the book just now i almost miss Public Law

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