A Girl Without Fear

A girl without fear but worried about her LLB – finding a way out

My background

Many of us will not be interested in an ordinary person’s story, including me. A good story always has something ‘significant’, ‘meaningful’ or even brings you ‘tears’. However, in my opinion, a good story is not to tell you something you already know, but to tell you a tale of life through someone else’s eyes.

My name is Kay Lee. I am a first year student on the LLB. I come from a hot, passionate, multi-cultural country, filled with sunshine – Malaysia! I’m just like other girls or any ordinary person – I just want a normal and ordinary life with no obstacles, but with a little bit of a ‘stepping stone’ or wish to have more than I already have.

I do not have a Law background – I am a Diploma holder in Business. Maybe you would ask, “Why do you choose Law rather than continue a degree in Business?” Then, I would like to ask you in return, “Why do you choose law?” Many people have asked this kind of question but they are always the ones who do not know why I chose law. Well, “Why did I choose law?” I would like to answer you, “It is just because I like law!” There are no other specific reasons, just my love for law.

What do I think about LLB in University of London?

An LLB is a hard programme, especially at the University of London.  In fact, this has the same conception all over the world for some people. I do not fear the LLB but am worried. I was too late to start my study plan as a lot of distractions happened to me. But, I will not be so easily defeated by its toughness and distractions! I will take it as a challenge – this is the only way out to cope with your fear of the LLB and even mine. ‘Fail’ is scary but not ‘deadly’. What if you fail, you would think, ‘Oh my god, I am the failure’. Please do not think this way, because this is the first step to make you fail – we can only ever try our best.

Why do I set up a studies blog (University of London Notes and Essay-Student Version)?

In my blog, it has some notes and an essay which is written by me. Many of my friends would ask, “Why do you waste a lot of time setting up a blog like this?” or “Why don’t you keep the time and knowledge to yourself because no one is just like you so ‘generously’ and ‘open-minded’?” I have asked myself this question so many times and even struggled with it, why? I am not God, or even a great person, why do I do all this? The reason is just so simple, you would not believe it, ‘Sharing is Caring!’

Achieving your goals

I have no authority to advise any students on approaching exams – this is because I am just a first year student and I haven’t attempted any UOL exams before in my life, but I am about to soon. But, what I can do is offer advice. A calm mind would give you clarity of mind which brings you to a bright path, why? If you panic, your panicking will just make your mind tired and will stop your creative juices from flowing.

The methods choose to be studied

I would like to say, “Everyone is different, as long as you found a method which suits you.” Over the time, there have always been guidelines, however, in my humble opinion it might be useful to someone else but not everyone. Why? It is because everyone has their own way of thinking. In order to achieve certain things, studies, or even exams, some guidelines are needed but we should not solely or blindly follow it without any ‘thinking process’, because those ‘guidelines’ might not be suitable to you. So, we may try to find our own path.

As a first year student, I have no any idea about how the exam will look or how it is going to be. However, please don’t panic – find a way out.

Good Luck in your exam, everyone! Even me!

Thank you for your time.

Kay Lee, Year 1, LLB

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  1. Best of luck to you Kay Lee! Hope you ace those exams.
    I’ll be starting my 1st year (LLB) in the coming year. Can’t wait ! 😀

    1. Hi Humza,
      Thank You for your wishes and support! I will try my best in the exam and wish you good luck too in your coming LLB life.
      Thank You!

  2. Greetings Kay!
    Massive thanks for your time and outline about what your life has seemed to be during your maiden time at UoL. As you, I also am a few months Bsc Economics and Finance, and will consequently as yourself, write my first exams this May (08 & 09). However, the coincidence between my status and yours proves to me that, many first year students at UoL may be having same troubles as ours. I also started my studies late, but I boldly hope to not fail with that as a pretext. I certainly have to pass my exams, to do not deceive the UoL panel that admitted me to the EMFSS program.
    I appreciated your ever positive mind, and in conclusion do agree with you on that, “panicking” could only do us harm.
    I wish you the best luck for your first exams, and look forward to reading more blogs from you soon.

    Yves B, Year 1, EMFSS

    1. Hi Benimana,
      Thank You for your support and compliments. I will try my best in the exam. And, after the exam, I will try to complete year 1 syllabus while holidays.
      Thank You.

  3. Hi Kay,
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and fears. It’s good to know that I’m not alone and that we are all having morbid thoughts regarding our upcoming exams. I am confident that you will be more than prepared for the exams. Thank you for helping me and inspiring me. I wish you only the best and I know you’ll ace all the exams. Good luck!

  4. i really find this interested….and i am glad i read it. Thanks Kay Lee and best of luck

  5. Your attitudes are commendable . Your wishers are sincere . Try short notes . Priotice cases . If you have time publice your short notes and case summaries . All the best. May god bless you.

  6. Hi Kate and to all LLB undergrad out there!!!! cheers and all the best for the upcoming exams!!!! enjoy your journey with UOL as it is something u will not be able to get out there… the kind of stress and anxiety which comes when its the examination period and when the result week.

    Been there, Done that and totally understand how u guys are feeling. Be confidence of what you are writing… Plan ur scripts well… do a mind map when u r in the examination hall when planning for ur ans… it sure give u a good start…. dont worry abt 5-10 mins of blank out…. if you panic, ur blank out stays even longer. try thinking of the notes which u have gone thru when u r preparing for exams, not when u r outside the examination hall!

    Im gg start on my LLM with the UOL soon.. if u got any problems, feel free to email me…. cheers all!!!!

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