Audio Downloads now available

Following feedback and requests from students we’ve now made available all the course audios from three of our courses. These audios are those which accompany the presentations available on the course materials page, or on chapters on the course page. Students can now download all of the audio presentations for Criminal, CLRI and Public Law in one file – note these files can be very large and so may take a long time or cost you your data allowance and so on.

You can access the files for each course here

Next year we’ll aim to make even more content downloadable, but do let us know if you find this useful.



  1. Found this information extremely useful. please continue this line of support.


  2. This is useful. It helps to memorize all the cases and it feels like a lecture in class.
    When will the audio notes of contract law be uploaded?

  3. Great podcasts thank you, very useful. However, I would like to be able to listen to a whole chapter in one go on my iPhone, (it does work on the laptop). For the moment I have to press “play” for each individual part within a chapter. If this could be arranged it would be magnificent.

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    1. Hi Hellen. Please check your emails – I have sent you the recent developments.
      Many thanks, Holleigh

      1. I did leave, then they re-employed me for a day a week
        I saw your comment and wanted to help
        So I am still around, just not consistently (currently working on the MOOC)

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