Three Firsts for 2014


This year we awarded three First class degrees. Compared to 2013 – a bumper year of 10 Firsts – this may seem meagre but compared to 2006 (when there were none) and 2008 and 2009 (when there were two in each year) 2014 is an average year. The usual suspects – Hong Kong and Malaysia – are absent from this year’s roll call but there are some new records to celebrate.

14052007158 (2)The best first of the century was achieved by Muhammad Mustafa Khan of Pakistan. With six first class marks and an aggregate of 571 he may hold the record from sometime! He studied at Pakistan College of Law in Lahore and described the award as ‘humbling experience’ expressing his gratitude to ‘the University for their assessment, my parents for their prayers and support and finally my teaching institution Pakistan College of Law for guiding me through my legal studies.’
Stefan Feltes, an independent student from
Germany, said that he ‘did not expect to have done so well’ in this year’s
examinations. Stefan scored the highest single mark among this year’s Firsts; 79% for the Dissertation.

Helen Rooney is the only one of the three Firsts this year to have achieved a first in Land law. She studied as an independent student in Ottawa, Canada throughout her four years on the programme. Like many other students she worked full-time during her studies, she comments ‘The University’s exams are incredibly challenging. They have always kept me on my toes! It’s rewarding to know that I can meet the expectations of such a rigorous

Congratulations to all three of this year’s Firsts and to all who have achieved an award this year.



  1. This is incredibly wonderful. Though am not amongst this batch of students graduating on first, UoL has given me a comprehensive understanding of the law over the last three years. Looking forward though to where my fate lies tomorrow.

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