Learning and Teaching: Supporting our institutions

KL Providers 280 representatives from 35 teaching institutions worldwide descended on Kuala Lumpur earlier this month for a three-day Providers’
Conference, hosted by the Laws Programme.

Primarily focussed on Learning and Teaching, the conference also enabled the Laws
Programme to inform institutions about a range of forthcoming developments and proved to be an excellent networking opportunity.

Lecturers discussed effective teaching methods and sharing of good practice with their counterparts from across the world.

Professor Jenny Hamilton, Director; Simon Askey, Deputy Director and Head of Programme; and Patricia McKellar and Tracey Varnava, Associate Directors, represented the Undergraduate Laws Programme.KL Providers 1

Patricia Tuitt, Professor of Law and Executive Dean at Birkbeck,
co-delivered a session on
Understanding Examinations, and Angela Boots, Law Librarian,
delivered a workshop on effective use of the Online Library.

Photos: 2014 Providers’ Conference

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